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The Amazons: Were They The Original Wonder Women?

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by Conscious Reminder

In this article, we are going to present you the female kingdom of warrior women so that you would learn something more about the mysterious and magnificent tribe of these women. They are called the Amazons. 

Who are the Amazons wonder women?

The Amazons were the topic of a lot of long and rich scientific debates, and there are also numerous records in history which describe their different characteristics in details.

The origin, as well as the name of this mysterious tribe of wise and mighty women was mentioned for the first time by Apollonius Rhodius who is an author from ancient times and who lived at 295BC, as he was narrating the mysterious story about Argonautica, mentioning these wonder women, the Amazons, telling that they are the tribe of women warriors, the daughters or the God of War Ares, and of one nymph of the Akmonian Wood, an immortal goddess of concord and harmony, Harmonia.

The name of the Amazons is supposed to mean ‘without breast,’ and that connects the entire tribe with one popular tradition which was claimed by the person called Marcus Justinus who actually thinks that they had the right breast burnt out or cut off.

The story about the Amazons comes from Hippocrates who is the father and creator of today’s contemporary medicine. According to him, the mothers of the Amazons burned their right breasts in order to reduce its development and hence they could also develop a muscular and strong right shoulder and arm. However, despite their primary name, they were given other names such as ‘killers – destroyers of men,’ ‘those that fight like men,’ and so on.

Rituals of the Amazons wonder women: the daughters of the Moon.

As it was said, male figures were not allowed to live in the Amazon country; however, once in one year, somewhere around the May the 1st, to prevent the dying out of their race, the Amazons visited one neighborhood tribe called the Gargareans.

The men from this tribe, according to some ancient customs, went there in order to order to offer their sacrifice to the god Ares, as well as other Goddesses and Gods with these wonderful women. After that, the Gargareans were having sex with these women, perhaps in a ritual way. This ancient ceremony was held in darkness and secrecy.

Finishing the ritual, they were completely sure that they are blessed with a beautiful gift, a child, sending the men back to their land. The mothers retained female children while fathers took males in order to be raised properly. 

It was also speculated that Amazons also had sex with themselves, considered the primary nation of lesbians in the world and history. Even though a lot of other historians doubt this, it was a centuries-long belief.

The best nation in history.

As another Greek ancient story tells, the Greek queen Thalestris has presented herself to Alexander the Great, the kind of Macedonia. Thalestris brought almost 300 Amazons in order to have sexual intercourses with the king and also his best 299 army men, in order to have children that may be the strongest, as well as the smallest nation in history.

The Great king agreed, and he gave the proposal to stay there for 13 days and also 13 nights. Thalestris was fierce in sex, and she was walking around naked and feeling proud of her body and of her cut off or burnt right breast, but she was also honorable and very strict.

The stories of these wonderful women were the inspiration for a lot of feminists, as they have been an independent, wise and also powerful tribe.

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