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The New Moon In Aries Says Now Is The Moment To Get Things Done

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by Conscious Reminder

The time has come to chase your goals down because the new moon for April 2021 is here. The new moon will take place on April 11.

As such, it is also the spring season’s first one. It brings with it the seasonal sense of renewal. Hence, the new moon will supply the energy to start afresh.

The April new moon is situated under Aries, the first of the zodiac fire signs. Aries has everything to do with courage, leadership, and confidently striving forward. New moons usually have a relation to fresh beginnings.

Aries is also the first zodiac sign. As such, the cosmic event is especially auspicious for beginning on new goals. There is not going to be a more fitting time than now for taking charge and asserting yourself.

All of us will be having high levels of energy and be much more impulsive during the current lunation. Nevertheless, let us explore more of the exact influence that the Aries new moon will have on each zodiac sign.


This is the season for birthdays for Aries. This new moon is akin to a personal one. It will bring a potent chance to express yourself in new and creative ways. Get out there and make a statement. The world is looking for your unique sparkle.


Taurus can end up feeling exhausted in this lunation. As such, rest and personal reflection are more important than going after every objective on the list. Think about yourself and relax to have a clearer view of your goals.


Currently, Zodiacs will be in the middle of creating a new social persona. Along with that, the new moon will be a chance to have some fun with your friends. It is the time to make plans, lead activities, and make some time for your social circle. Take charge of your troops.


For Cancer, the situation is set for a new beginning in the professional side of your life. However, do not forget to express more of your assertiveness. Do not retreat from pursuing fresh opportunities in your profession. These include taking on new responsibilities as well as proving your worth to your boss. This is the chance to advocate for yourself.


Leos will be facing new adventures. This lunation is a favorable time for chasing after whatever your desire is. As such, new classes, trips to exotic places, and other unexpected actions are all going to have a rich reward.


Fearing what cannot be seen is normal. However, take the time of the April new moon to reinforce your strength to handle whatever monsters are lurking around you. It is time to fulfill the promises made and have a clear conscience.


The lunation will favor love. However, paying attention to yourself and your needs and desires will take on much more importance now.


For Scorpios, focusing on health will be the priority. Take on new routines in your daily exercise. Simply organize the schedule to feel more productive during the day.


Now would be the time to look forward to encountering new romances. Passionate and exciting love awaits you, whether you are dating or single.


The new moon will call your attention to emotional issues or family matters. As such, take a break from your work and direct your efforts towards your feelings.


If you have unique innovative ideas, share them with the world. The new moon will ask you to connect boldly with an exciting attitude.


For Pisces, this is the time to clear up your finances. Give more at work and spend more. You can also ask for what you deserve from your superiors, in the new moon.

The current lunation is a smaller part of a larger cluster of other planets which are all situated in Aries. Venus, the planet of love, and Mercury, oriented towards communications will join the moon and the sun.

As such, the mix for this new moon is a blend of our romantic values and mental thoughts. This is a chance to make sure we decide on goals that are not logical but also from deep within our hearts.

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