Aquarius Season Starts Today And Brings Powerful Cosmic Flows

by Conscious Reminder

The Aquarius season starts on the 20th of January, and the so-called water bearer manifests it.

The water bearer has the gift to clear all the pain from the Mother Earth’s body with the use of the water’s healing powers. The water is able to take every emotion of our planet, release it, transmute it and then elevate it to an even higher awareness level.

The energy that the sign of Aquarius posses is energizing and has healing abilities, lifting the veil of hard emotions, to inspire us to see this world from another perspective.

While we are moving out of Capricorn season and its heaviness, and we settle into the sign of Aquarius and its lightness, we will feel encouraged and even freer when it comes to thinking with a wide-open mind, using our imagination.

During the season of Aquarius, we are going to be free to explore and travel, express ourselves, provide our path with stability and feel freer to open ourselves up to some higher imagination realms.

We have our mind, which is one powerful tool, so we may take every practical purpose setting which we built since the beginning of 2019, and even use the moment to follow what we would like to accomplish.

Under the sign of Aquarius, which is the number 11 sign of our Zodiac, we will manifest our wishes, or even follow our goals, and that will feel much easier. The energy of Aquarius will motivate every one of us to pursue our dreams and always aim high, so we can live our lives as we ever imagined.

The energy of Aquarius will tell us to speak only the truth because it is quite essential. However, another thing which is also important is to make sure that we are doing that with empathy, compassion, and kindness towards other people.

At the time of the season of Aquarius, we will have the feeling that we are guided not just to follow our aims but ensure they have a huge cause for humanity. Our planet also needs support from us than it needed it before, so we may help her simply by being aware and responsible for our actions and energies. Others are going to follow our steps and do their best to support it too.

As crisis strike the world constantly, we may sometimes feel confused when it comes to knowing what we can do in order to make some difference. For example, when we have some plans to change our world, we can begin by loving ourselves, after that permitting the love to come to our town, country, neighbor or our closest ones, our family.

We may turn the planet around merely by being better focused on radiant, gratitude, and joy which is there within every one of us. Life can be quite challenging.

We are together in this, and every one of us has something that he or she can offer to the world or to ourselves too. Under the season of Aquarius, we should try our best to direct the planet towards its better and brighter future.

We should simply permit the energy of Aquarius to do its job, letting it carry our watery emotions which are rooted in our soul, or home, planet and so on, or we can let it shift and transform them into joy, gratitude, love, and creativity.

We are one step closer to the so-called Zodiac wheel, so while we are entering Aquarius, the air sign, we will find the chance to take the offered energies and make the world a better and beautiful place to live on.

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