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What To Choose Between Action & Surrender In A Twin Flame Relationship

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flame love, by definition should mean complete and utter surrender to your twin flame. After all the two of you are one and the same soul and it makes absolutely no sense that there should be any standing up for oneself, within the soul.

However, sometimes, for the very powers and effects of the twin flame relationship to be manifested, one needs to stand in their own power.

Sometimes it becomes absolutely crucial for the twin flame relationship’s progress that one twin flame stands up and takes action, instead of just letting things take their own course.

It depends on what stage you are in your twin flame relationship that you have to choose to either surrender or take action.

Right in the beginning of a twin flame relationship, a lot has to be done for you and your twin flame to channel the power of universal love towards the both of you. At such a time, complete surrender to your twin flame will be adverse to this goal.

Rather you have to stand for yourself and do the needful. You will have to purge yourself of your expectations and old beliefs. And most importantly you will have to navigate yourself back to the source, the source of everything in the universe and reconnect with this source.

Secondly, it is necessary to take action to further your twin flame relationship. The divine union will never manifest if you simply lay down all your tools and wait for it to happen. You will have to take action and make it happen.

  • Keep your vibrations high
  • Achieve things in the physical world
  • Feel the energy which comes from the divine union and let it feed your personal flame
  • Take steps towards completing your Spiritual mission

Your personal power

On the path of realizing a twin flame relationship, many souls give up too soon. This is because they do not stand up for themselves and don’t act to make that relationship happen. It is difficult enough as it is, it becomes near impossible when you don’t even put in the effort.

One needs to believe that the two flame relationship will manifest for it to turn into reality. At the same time they have to let go of redundant notions of what is it supposed to be and how will it come about. Trusting the universe to do what is the best for you and at the same time doing the needful yourself is needed for a twin flame relationship to come true.

What exactly is that you can/need to do?

  • Cleanse your energy field, regularly
  • Start working on your soul’s spiritual mission on this third dimensional plane
  • Bring harmony within yourself, balance the divine masculine and the divine feminine which is inside you
  • Always believe that the union will happen, regardless of how difficult it might seem at the moment
  • When meeting your twin soul triggers some old wounds, heal them
  • Disentangle from entities, both know the 3rd dimension and otherwise who are against your union
  • Not giving up on your power

Twin souls need to know when to surrender and when to stand up for themselves.

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