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Use This Ritual To Harness The Power Of The Black Super New Moon In Leo

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Super New Moon is going to grind itself, in order to make us feel comfortable with the many changes that the Eclipses brought for us.

As the sky becomes dark, we would come under the influence of the Super New Moon, working within ourselves and trying to find peace with what we have achieved so far.

This ritual is most beneficial when performed between 31st July and 8th August, 2019. Try this ritual, for it will be helping you merge all the awakenings and changes that the Eclipses brought. Also try widening your horizons, for that would allow you to see the beauty underneath it all.

Here is a list of all the ingredients you would need for this ritual.


1. A tool for smudging
2. Clean water in a big bowl
3. A variety of your choicest flowers
4. Crystals (1-7)
5. Paper strips- 20
6. Pencil or pen
7. A frequently worn jewelry that you wouldn’t mind getting drenched.
If you can find crystals for all the 7 Chakras of your body, great! Else, simply use whatever crystals that you are most comfortable with. Also, if you do not have a candle that floats, you can very well use a candle in a glass jar.


1. Keep all required items at hand while first smudging your own self, and then everything around you. Recite this, while you are doing it: ‘I have cleansed myself and let my guard down. I am completely open and safe to whatever may come. My fears have completely left me, and I feel free. I am safe, and I am love.’

While smudging your surroundings, recite this: ‘I have successfully cleansed everything around me in loving energy. There is vitality and cleansing everywhere I can see. This space is filled with love and light. Thank you.’

2. Take a crystal in your hand, representing one of the chakras. Now, keep rubbing it until it starts familiarizing to your energy and starts tingling. After that, simply place it in the water. Do the same for each of the crystals. You can do the same with the jewelry piece.

3. Next, pick up one flower and cup it in your hand. Feel your consciousness merging with it, as you send positive energy to it, and receive positive energy back. After all that is said and done, put the flower in the water. Repeat the same with all the flowers.

4. Try placing the candle in water very cautiously, so that it doesn’t tip over. Then swirl the water it with your fingers.

5. As you indulge yourself in swirling the water, be in the moment. Immerse yourself in the movements of the water, and recite the following mantra 7 times,  ‘I am relaxed, and completely settle with my life. I trust the Universe to do what is right. I feel safe and relaxed.’

6. Start writing things that give you happiness on the bits of paper. It could be anywhere between 1 to 3 words and you need to read it out loud when you place it in the bowl.

7. As you have immersed all of it in water, you need to recite this: ‘I’m completely ready to bring in newer adventures in my life. I’m ready to welcome happiness, joy and other spirits into my life. I may have been going through a lot, but I know happiness is within my fingertips. Thank you.’

8. As you are done with the paper, leave them in the bowl overnight to get charged up. Blow out the candles if you leave the bowl unattended.

9. When you check your bowl the next morning, remember to clean your jewelry with a piece of clean cloth. Try recycling the paper strips in the garden.

10. With the leftover water, you can use that to press over all the chakras in your body, and any other part that you may feel connected to.

Have a safe Black Super Moon!

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