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January Astrology: Cancer Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse & Aquarius New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Year is starting with a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. That’s not all, a New Moon in Aquarius will also occur in January 2020.

New Moon And Its Impact

When the Sun and the Moon come in the same zodiac sign making conjunction, that’s when a New Moon occurs. New beginnings and high energy are associated with a New Moon. It makes us enthusiastic.

Lunar Eclipse And Its Impact

When the Sun and the Moon are in the opposite zodiac signs it’s known as a Full Moon. A Lunar Eclipse always occurs on a Full Moon night. When it is under 18 ½° of the 2 lunar nodes, it’s called an Eclipse.

Eclipses carry the energies related to endings and can cause emotional outbursts. At the same time, big developments can also be seen during this time.

10th January 2020 – Cancer Lunar Eclipse

At 2:21 PM according to the ET, a Lunar Eclipse is to take place in Cancer. It’ll be the first of four Lunar Eclipses lined up in the year 2020.

Being in a water sign, this Eclipse can be an emotional time for you. Emotions will be the prime driver of all your actions around this time. But it can lead you astray if you get affected by them too much. So try to have some control over your feelings.

The zodiac sign Cancer controls the family and home aspects of our lives. This can make your actions and emotions more connected to your family and home. You might be completing a real estate buying/selling process or you may be moving to a new home. It might also show that you’re soon to find yourself in a family gathering or event.

This Eclipse in Cancer can also draw your attention to the core of your being. Since Cancer lies at the bottom in a chart it might be telling you to strengthen your foundations. Something that you feel has been shaky all this time can be made stronger.

Cancer also rules one’s homeland in their chart, so you might want to focus on your country or your society during this time. But remember to be objective under all circumstances.

The Eclipse is sextile transiting Neptune in Pisces and it will bring positive and gentler energy. It will also make you more spiritual and compassionate.

The hard energy will come from the transit of Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn. Maybe you’re trying to escape the responsibilities and not controlling things as much as you should. This Eclipse will make you control your mental energy and be more disciplined.

This Eclipse is to occur at 20° 0’ Cancer.

24th January 2020 – Aquarius New Moon

At 4:42 PM according to the ET, a New Moon will occur in Aquarius. It’ll be a good time to concentrate on your future dreams and plans.

Being unconventional, Aquarius will make you feel more independent. You might feel eccentric and quirky this time around. It can also bring in changes; you may feel bored by the status quo. Make changes in those areas in your life that you think have been stagnant for some time.

The transiting Uranus is square to the New Moon that is, its aspect is three houses away, in Taurus. This might require you to be slightly more mindful of every change you’re planning to make. Don’t act impulsively, think things through.

This New Moon is to occur at 4° 21’ in Aquarius.

Consider everything and then finalize your decisions, it’ll help you be more comfortable during this difficult phase. Don’t worry we’re all facing it together!

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