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Fake Empath Vs Real Empath – Which One Are You?

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by Conscious Reminder

An empath is a person that is able to feel other people’s emotions and take those emotions as his or her own in a realistic way.

However, we are not all empaths, and only as we are just a little bit empathetic, it does not mean that we belong in one category with others who are real empaths.

We are not all empaths, and if we call ourselves empaths, our emotional problems will not be fixed. If a person is a real empath, he or she probably possesses a particular sense of inner strength which those that aren’t empaths don’t possess. Although empaths are quite sensitive, they still hold their own.

For example, when someone allows the emotions that other people have and also the things which other people feel to overwhelm him or her and stress them out, making them feel uncomfortable, and causing them serious struggles, he or she is not an empath.

They can simply be a person that is overly empathic, and that is struggling with boundaries. So, the thing that will save them from continuing on just as they are is to know the differences.

When they know something more about the thing, they will heal themselves easier, and escape the emotions which other people project onto them.

Although they may not understand or also see it, they could make things about them subconsciously, so with that, they will limit the healing which those that struggle will have the ability to obtain. Fake empaths can be quite dangerous types of individuals.

Usually, an empath is a quite spiritual individual, and it is the lost soul in various phrase forms.

He or she actually knows the path on which they walk or where they go; however, an empathic individual will simply work on finding something or somewhere, anywhere that he or she can fit in.

There are even cases when empaths are misguided; however, most of them are not that ‘volatile’ as others are making them be.

There are people who can be empaths that need some guidance, or they can also be only empathic, and in some way narcissistic. The way they actually hold themselves or interact with other people should reveal to them everything they have to know.

When they are not able to disconnect, and they suffer from accepting themselves, then they are probably on the fake empath side.

For numerous reasons, fake empaths stir negative or stagnant energies without even realizing it, so with doing that they even create a quite dangerous atmosphere. An empath can be revealing and vulnerable, or terrified and guarded.

An empath really cares about everything that occurs before him or her, or simply about ideas of resolving a problem.

There is a considerable difference between false and real empath. Determining which of them you are, is not something complicated as a lot of people believe it to be.

Although fake empaths are actually not bad people, sometimes they get misguided, but when they understand the empathic traits within them, they will also be able to learn how to overcome such things.

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