10 Signs You’re Actually Starting To Fall In Love

The feeling and expression of Love is different for everyone and thus you cannot say precisely about anyone being in love or not.

But, there are some common feelings that people experience when they start to fall for that special one.

If you wonder ‘Am I actually in love with XYZ or not’ and are confused about being in love or having a crush or simply attraction, then look for these 10 signs. They’ll help you know and understand your feelings better.

10 Signs You’re Actually Starting To Fall In Love

1. You wake up and think of them.

If you think about that special someone first thing in the morning then it is a clear sign that you are in love.

2. You daydream about them.

If you think about them even while doing your important work, if you are not able to stop dreaming about your time with them, then it is an indication that you are deep in the waters of love.

3. The thought of losing them is terrible.

You find even the thought of losing them as scary and terrible, then you care and love them deeply. You feel that when they will go away, then a huge part of your own self will be separated from you.

4. You feel warm and fuzzy when you look at them.

You feel extreme positivity when you meet them.

5. You would do anything to make them happy.

You know them completely and thus will try to come up with ways to make them happy and comfortable.

6. You know their hopes and dreams.

You know what are their career plans and their fantasies. You try to be their biggest supporter in achieving their goals.

7. You get excited about seeing them.

You feel a rush when you walk through a door to meet them. There is always a sense of excitement connected with their presence.

8. You feel more emotional than usual.

You give yourself to the other person and make yourself more vulnerable in front of them. Thus, you open up emotionally and are able to express yourself better.

9. You have little secrets.

You share things and secrets with each other and know the other person completely.

10. You accept each other’s flaws.

A true love happens only when you accept the other person for whom they are and this means that you accept the person even after knowing all their flaws. You accept each other truly and completely.

Are you feeling the same?

If yes, then you’re also falling for that special someone. It is such a nice feeling to feel love!! Isn’t it?

What do you think about this list? Share your views and experiences with us.

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