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What Are Your Emotions Trying To Tell You?

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Emotions are a vital part of any human being. Emotions describe a human body. It is said that the spirit and the soul communicate in the inner being via different emotions. They guide you through the maze of your life.

You eventually realize your weak spots, where you need to spend more attention and your strongest zone that renders you positivity. Some emotions ask you to sit back and invest more time on yourself while the others encourage you to forge ahead with all creativity.

All we as humans have to do is: embrace them from the deepest veneers.

Each human emotion comes with a meaning. This is what each of them is trying to say to you.

Bitterness – It may be bitter but they indirectly indicate to us our injured zones and which portions need healing. They ask us not to be judgemental and cruel. They ask us to be patient and wait for the results to be fruitful.

Indignation- Accept how your life has been and walk forward with happiness. Getting stuck in the past and not being able to accept how your present is dangerous.

Discomfiture- This gives you an opportunity to change yourself, your personality, and mould yourself according to present needs. This is the cleverest thing to do and for leading a stress free life.

Vexation or anger – They indicate to us the things we are vehement about, what our limitations are and how far can we stretch them. We all need change. Nothing is constant.

Disappointment- They show us how much you still care and that you don’t want to give up. You may fall seven times, but we want to stand up at the eight.

Self accusation or guilt- They are important indicators that we are trying to live up to others expectations every single day and not living for our own selves. It only causes self harm.

Embarrassment- Deep internalization of what other people believe and think about you decides your guidelines of living. You become cautious and stop listening to yourself.

Anxiety – Don’t live in the fear of what is going to happen next. Fear breaks the strongest foundations. Live every moment of your life as if it is your last. Life is short, so enjoy.

Unhappiness –It indicates that you are caring and your compassionate nature makes you think about others all the time. You are worried about the world and want it to be a better place.

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