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This Is Why The Strongest Girls Feel Insecure All The Time

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Girls have high norms. They are never going to settle for someone that treats them rudely. They never stay into relationships which are toxic.

They never let other people bring them down. And, when someone brings them down, they are never going to let that person stay in their life.

However, they are not hypoactive though. They just hold themselves to the standards and norms from before.

They are ambitious, and they expect themselves to achieve great things, making them feel bad and also angry of themselves on some days when they sit at home, eating cookies or when they skip going to the gym. They feel angry when they are not able to get something done.

Girls are continually pushing themselves further, no matter of their achievements in their life. They want to be something more, or to do something more because they know that they are able of something more.

They are also insecure, as they are aware of their potential, and also know that they are still not there.

They know that they are going to succeed, but they also want to see additional progress. They want to actually know that their faith and trust are justified or that they are on the track they should be on.

They look successful and calm, so others that are close to them don’t think that they need support or someone reminding them of their greatness.

Others remain quiet when these girls need encouragement, or when they need their people to remind them that they are doing their best. Even though they look like superheroes, they are still human beings that need the support of their friends.

Their friends are one of the reasons why they feel insecure. They are extremely selective when it comes to people that they keep close to them, meaning that those that have some place in their life are those that matter. Those people are worth their dedication and love.

They are prepared to do anything they can in order to make others happy. For example, they try to make their parents happy.

They try to make their boyfriends happy by having romantic dates with them or giving them perfect gifts. They try to take their friends on interesting nights too.

This will eventually drain them. Taking some care for themselves is hard, as they try to take care of their loved ones as well. Others wonder how they survive though.

But, they survive. They find the energy and time needed to overcome anything. They are givers and achievers. Even though their insecurities slow them down, they never stop them.

They don’t pay much attention to individual voices in their heads telling them that they are not successful and beautiful enough. They are prepared to do everything, even when they are not sure of how successful they will be.

Other people cannot blame these girls as they feel insecure. They are that way because they have high standards.

They believe that there will always be more money they can earn, and get, and also more significant success to accomplish. They are aware of their capabilities and are not willing to quit unless their goals become their reality.

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