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Are You The Parent Of A Superhuman Indigo Child?

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In the late 90s, one woman started to realize that a bunch of the children born around the Generation Y era had something tangible and yet spiritual in common.

She began to study them and decided that they all had something in common. She believed that something was very important, spiritual even, and gave the children powers that made them special. Is your child a superhuman Indigo child? Here’s how to find out.

Indigo Children. “According to a pseudoscientific New Age concept [Indigo Children are] children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities,” says Wikipedia. The concept was developed by Nancy Ann Tappe and later expanded by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll.

Auras. The concept was developed in the 1970s by parapsychologist Nancy Ann Tappe, who claimed she started to notice a commonality among kids born during that era. Tappe, who claimed to be able to see auras, said she noticed many children who had indigo auras.

Popularity. In 1998, “The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived,” written by husband and wife lecturers Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, was published. An international conference was held in Hawaii in 2002 that centered entirely around Indigo children and drew around 600 attendees. There have since been other conferences.

Books and films. Indigo children are making their way into popular culture. Aside from the Carroll and Tober’s book there has been a documentary about Indigo Children, “The Indigo Evolution,” and two feature films: “The Indigo Children” and “Indigo.”

Psychic traits. According to the website Spiritual Growth, indigo children can travel between worlds and dimensions as they sleep. Of course, there’s no concrete evidence that this is possible. What they would do on said journeys remains a mystery.

Ages. Signs of Indigo Children have existed since as far back as the 1950s but the majority of Indigos were born during the 1980s. According to Tappe, as much as 80 percent of babies born in the 1980s are Indigo children.

Downsides. According to some accounts, a commonly perceived downside of being an Indigo is ADD and ADHD. According to the New Age Journal “They bore easily, they are impulsive and they do things super fast. Giving them medication is not the answer.”

Chaos. Indigo’s minds are said to function in a way that is more chaotic than those who have come before them. According to the New Age Journal, “They create chaos everywhere they go. They can sense dishonesty a mile away and are unable to conform to dysfunctional situations within their homes, schools and work places. Gone are the days of threatening ‘wait till your father gets home,’ or ‘you’ll be suspended,’ the Indigos don’t care! They [don’t] fall for hidden agendas.”

Behavioral Patterns. It’s said that Indigos can be spotted by certain behavioral patterns. According to Spiritual Growth, “They are born feeling and knowing they are special and should be revered. An Indigo knows they belong here as they are and expect you to realize it as well.” Of course, this sounds like all millennials (or brats), but apparently, Indigos are this way too.

More behaviors. “These children are more confident and have a higher sense of self-worth. Absolute authority, the kind with no choices, negotiation, or input from them does not sit well. The educational system is a good example. Some of the rules we so carefully followed as children seem silly to them and they fight them,” says Spiritual Growth. ”This course also falls in line with what we tend to know of kids with ADD.”

Traits. The following is a list of possible Indigo traits. If you check off most of these boxes, your child might be an indigo. Strong willed, born in 1978 or later, headstrong, creative, an artistic flair for music, jewelry making, poetry, and so on, prone to addictions, an “old soul,” intuitive or psychic.

Yet more Indigo behaviors. Indigos are said to be insightful. Perhaps this accounts for the popularity of the term “hack” in the modern era. Spiritual growth says that adults often view an Indigo as anti-social unless they are with other Indigos and that they often feel lost and misunderstood, which causes them to go within.

Indigo and the outside world. Inidgos are said to be isolationists. They are either aggressive and prone to acting out, or they are introverted. They are also independent and proud, and want to help the world in some deep way. They easily bond with animals and are susceptible to depression and insomnia.

Crystal children. The next aura group after Indigos are Crystal or Star Children. They are said to be born between 1990 and 2010. According to the website Star Children, “The Crystal children began to appear on the planet from about 1990-2010, although a few scouts came earlier. Their main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution and reveal to us our inner and higher power. They function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals, and they live by the Law of One or global oneness. They are also advocates for love and peace on this planet… The first thing you will recognize about Crystal children is their forgiving nature. They are very sensitive, warm, and caring. Don’t mistake these characteristics as a sign of weakness as Crystal children are also very powerful.”

Source: RebelCircus

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