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Your Cosmic Soul Partner And Importance Of Karma

by Conscious Reminder

All of us who have incarnated on this Earth are just parts of the Universal Soul to whom we will return eventually. All of us are individuals who departed from this soul in order to find our own merit before coming back to it.

In our journey we meet other souls too. Though all of us are part of the same energy, there are different names given to these souls depending on the role they play with respect to us and our journey. Here are a few:

Twin Souls

As the name suggests, this person is our soul’s twin. There are just too many similarities for the connection to be a mere coincidence. In life, we can meet them in any form. They could be male or female; they could be one of our closest family member or a complete stranger. What is important is that with them we share an intense bond that just cannot be duplicated by design. Twin souls understand each other implicitly.

Sometimes they don’t even need to speak out aloud to know what’s going on in the other person’s head. They are also very supportive of each other. And this helps them get over the tough times that any relationship is bound to experience. Twin souls are not guaranteed to stay in each other’s life forever. However, they come and go precisely when we need them the most to.

Completing Souls

As instantaneous and deep the connection is with Twin Souls- it cannot be compared to what happens when completing souls meet. When you see your completing soul for the first time, there would be enough electricity between the two to set a city on fire. And unlike twin souls, there can only be one completing soul that you have.

Anyway, the energy created when the two of you are together would be enough to tell you who they are.  It is possible that you see them in one incarnation and not in the next one. So don’t get worried if you haven’t met your completing soul yet.

The reason why we can skip taking incarnations together is because both of us need to learn and grow individually as well. And sometimes these lessons are better learnt when alone. Or rather, for some lessons, they need some other soul’s help. Don’t worry, they will meet you when the time is right.

Again, a completing soul relationship will not always be perfect. There would be turbulence and there will be ups and downs. What matters is that the two of you will stick together through it, no matter what.

Cosmic partners

So in a way, our completing soul is our partner who is always with us in our Cosmic journey. They might not be right next to you in some particular incarnations but the two of you are undertaking this journey together, and sooner or later you will meet them at a pit stop. They are our Cosmic partners.

This is another kind of Karmic relationship, but it is the most unique.  So how does Karma play its part in the cosmic partnership? Well your cosmic partner is a part of your soul. You two were divided when the great energy split and now the only way to become one with the universal soul is to first bring the two halves of your individual souls together. But you have each traveled through multiple incarnations and each has some amount of Karmic debt that they need to pay off.

Until the balance sheets are clear on both accounts, the cosmic partners cannot reunite. So there is a good chance that you meet them in this life, feel the unmistakable energy pull and yet not be able to be together.

This is just an indication that you need to get at work and soon you will be united with them. Maybe in this lifetime, maybe in next.

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