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The February 2020 New Moon In Pisces Is Here To Lift The Mood Up Of All Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

23rd February is the New Moon in Pisces day and it is to manifest many of your dreams and intentions. It will bring your hidden emotions to the surface because of the Venus square Jupiter position.

Both these planets are sure to fill your life with love and financial abundance. Both of them are in the cardinal signs- Jupiter is in Capricorn while Venus is in Aries. This will manifest all the Venusian characters like wealth, love, and beauty in a good way.

But you’ve to be cautious to not indulge too much in anything. Spending money is okay but make sure you’re not overspending on unnecessary things. Remember, Mercury is still in Retrograde.

Here’s what you should keep in mind during this New Moon night according to your zodiac sign:


Give a vent to your emotions and desires. You might want to take the first step and send a flower to that person you like. There is a good chance that this feeling is mutual! So, don’t hold back, Aries. Speak your heart out!


Being the hopeless romantic that you are, Taurus, you may find a new crush soon. But make sure that you genuinely like them before you come into a relationship with them.


Ask for what you deserve, Gemini! You’ve worked hard and deserved a raise in your salary. Ask for it under the influence of the Moon. If not given, try asking for a new post or an incentive to keep you motivated. You deserve it!


If you know you’re right, then don’t hesitate in making a tough decision. Even if not everyone is on the same page as you, do your own thing. You’ll be able to convince them at the end.


Don’t second guess your emotions, Leo! Whatever you’ve been feeling for this person is not necessarily wrong. You’ve to listen to your intuition and not let others’ opinions affect you.


You can be nice to others and still maintain your boundaries, dear Virgo. Don’t let them take you for granted. If you’re doing things for people then you deserve the appreciation.


This is time to take rest, Libra. Retreat from your social life, turn your notifications off, and indulge in your dreams. Binge-watch that series you’ve been wanting to for so long! Have fun.


As much as you hate confronting people from your past, you’ll find yourself in such a situation very soon, Scorpio. Maybe an ex wants closure (or something more) from you. But it’s totally under your control how you choose to tackle them!


Are you going nuts over what some relative said to you? Well, you’re currently vulnerable to getting irked out, Sag! Try meditating, relax, and don’t let the issues go on to a higher level.


It’s your dream day, Capricorn! Today you can honestly say whatever is on your mind and nobody is going to judge you for that. Take this opportunity to mend your relationships. The New Moon will make people listen to you.


You’re vulnerable to overspending. We know that shopping is an exercise for you, but you need to hold your horses. Otherwise, you might land in a difficult financial situation, and you wouldn’t want that.


You may be feeling lonely and left out, Pisces. Maybe you haven’t received an invitation to your best friend’s wedding party yet and it’s upsetting you. Probably it’s your mail system and phone that are at fault and not your friend. Call them up and ask right out!

Now that you know how this New Moon will affect your zodiac sign, go make plans!

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