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Always Be True To Yourself Even When It Means Disappointing Your Family

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by Conscious Reminder

Have you ever felt like there’s a gap between who you truly are and what your family sees? It’s okay to feel like that.

Most of us go through this problem, sometimes even without realizing it. And we are here to tell you that it needs to stop. The longer you continue this, the longer you deceive, not just your family, but even yourself.

You might feel like you don’t have a choice, but you do. The decision is yours to make, and no one can take it away from you.

Often, we pretend to be the perfect child to make our parents happy. Or we agree to certain things that our soul says no to. Many times we discard our passion, our love, our chosen path just for the sake of our family.

While these compromises might feel like a good thing to do, remember that it’s only short-term. In the long run, you will regret your decision. Or worse, blame your family for your lost opportunities.

Remember that in this life, there are several roles that society assigns to us. And, more often than not, we will have to take those roles up. Even then, what’s crucial is for you to know who you are. Stay connected to your inner self, and you won’t be lost.

Be Courageous In The Face Of Adversity

Beware of losing your sense of self. When you keep compromising and molding yourself to fit your family’s perception, you betray your inner self. Even if you feel like you need to cater to your family’s needs, make sure that you are connected to your true self.

And when the time comes to decide your major life path, be courageous. Stay true to your inner self, even if it means disappointing your family.

They might be disappointed in the beginning, but remember that they love and care for you. As soon as they see that you have made the best decision for yourself, they will come around.

And if you haven’t gathered the courage to stand up to your family, don’t worry. It’s okay to take your time. You are on your own journey, and only you will save yourself. It’s natural to try to make your family happy.

They are our constant source of love and validation ever since we are born. And this approval-seeking behavior is hard to break away from. Take your own time, because this is your journey.

Love Your True Self Before You Love Others

This is one point that’s extremely crucial in being kind. But many people seem to miss it. Make this your everyday mantra.

Our soul can always tell when we are pretending. You can fool your family, your friends, and the entire world, but you will never fool yourself.

It knows when you try to be something other than your true self. And that’s when an inner feeling of self-hatred comes in. Push those negative feelings away because they are not doing anyone any good.

To be able to spread joy and happiness within your family, you need to first accept yourself. Follow what you preach. And always put your ideas into practice. Honor your true self, and you will honor everyone around you.

When you show others in your family your true powerful self, they will surely accept you. And you might even inspire some young ones to accept themselves. Isn’t that something truly special?

Stand up for yourself, your spirit deserves it. Your passions, desires, and goals in life deserve to be followed. And more importantly, you deserve to be happy in your true self.

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