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The Meaning Behind Jupiter Retrograde

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The retrograde natal of the planet Jupiter suggests that there has been some problem in accomplishing goodness of the soul in an earlier life.

However, this doesn’t mean that a person does not have a good soul, but it means that there are going to be lessons and extra efforts require in his or her life, in order to achieve such goodness and to be content and happy.

The retrograde of this planet shows certain life areas, or personality behaviors and traits, which need some extra development. The nature of Jupiter is happy, broad-minded, content and comfortable.

Jupiter in good health will continuously grow and expand in a spiritual and philosophical outlook. The purpose actually would be to be generous, charitable, welcoming and friendly to everyone, regardless of his or her social status, ethnic or cultural background, and religion.

The natal retrograde of Jupiter could also show as selfishness, greed, gluttony, wastefulness, self-righteousness, and extravagance. What might also hold people back is addiction, bigotry, intolerance, showing off or ignorance.

Regardless of what is stunting, spiritual and personal growth will be the main focus of the Jupiter retrograde. This could have been a constant problem which hindered success over a lot of incarnations.

Relationships or events are going to keep strengthening the area of problems in people’s lives, particularly during the phases of the retrograde of Jupiter.

The retrograde transit of the planet Jupiter is another regular cycle which happens on every thirteen months and lasts for four months.

It is the time of spiritual and philosophical reflection and introspection. People may need to deal with specific problems which include development, growth, success, and happiness.

The retrograde of the planet Jupiter actually means that regardless of the growth area a person has to work on, and regardless of its importance, additional time will be needed in order to make sure that everything will be in the right order before he or she continues.

He or she could also be tested to ensure they are prepared to receive a new romance, good fortune, or also increased wealth they always wanted.

Maybe a destructive and inappropriate behavior such as addiction or greed will be out of order. In such cases, the retrograde of Jupiter is going to offer the chance to notice, recognize, and then admit the issue.

The things can really get out of control that interventions or extreme events have to happen in order to shake people out of their ignorance and complacency.

Once when Jupiter goes direct, people need to be in terms with every relevant problem and be prepared to keep going ahead towards happiness and success.

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