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Astrology Of May 2019 – Calming Energies For Slow Transformation

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

This year has been eventful, to be honest. From eclipses to Super Moons, to several planets aligning with zodiacs and other planets, it has been a jammed year till now. By the way, we haven’t even reached the halfway stage yet.

So, more to come.

Now, you must all be experiencing the swiftness with which things are happening and changing. Nothing seems to be settling down when something else takes its place.

What if we told you, that this is just a protective measure from the universe for you to get ready for the next year. For trust us, the next year is going to be even blingier. So, you might as well start preparing from now, for the inevitable transformation.

May won’t be that crazy though. All you would find is some healing, restorative, positive energy in place. Think of it as a getaway spa. Peace and quiet are all there for the taking.

Things will definitely slow down a bit, for there are three planets that would be in retrograde- Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Now while these three planets aren’t that effective as the inner planets, they are still bound to do something, right?

This would allow us to reflect back on our past a bit more. Giving us time to introspect is all we need in these times when nothing seems to be stopping. It would be a gentle breeze from the tornado we have been facing. Another advantage of this is that we would be able to know where to make changes in our life, and where a change was not just important, but imminent. Basically, you need to take stock of your life.

So, do see to it that you are moving on the path that has been prescribed from you. If it has swayed, it is your duty to bring it back.

There are a lot of changes that you can take it upon yourself to go through. And since this is Taurus season, you might as well change your diet, your daily routine, and your financial well-being.

The first important date of the month is the New Moon in Taurus, which would lead to several feminine energies passing through. This nurturing, healing energy will be delivered straight to our soul. But, remember that Mars would still be out there, and any sign of friction might result in anger and frustration. So, please keep your ego in check.

Yet, it is important that you find your voice this New Moon. Take the confidence from Mars, let it be your voice, your courage, and your weapon. If there is a hard, difficult conversation that needs to be done, then do it. Don’t postpone it for the future, for that wouldn’t help anyone.

On 18th May, we would have another Full Moon, this time in Scorpio. This is supposed to be one of the most important Full Moons of the year, for it would be a sign of transformation and growth.

This would be a highly charged event, not just because it is in Scorpio, but also because it would be the fourth Full Moon between Equinox and Solstice.

This is also called a Blue Moon- 4 Full Moons in a year. But a Blue Moon is also referred to 2 Full Moons in a month.

Despite that, what you need to focus on is letting go of what stops you. Let yourself detoxify, and cleanse of all toxicities. Only then would you be able to feel in the nurturing energy all around the earth.

To transcend higher, we need to let go of the burdens. Now, that doesn’t mean that we completely get rid of everything, but we also can’t stay fixated.

So what you need to do is take them out, and deal with them during this period. So that when the higher calling comes, you are suitably free.

Don’t put yourself too much in a situation which would make you suspicious and doubtful. Place your trust in the Universe and believe that everything that is happening, is happening for our welfare. That nothing is out of place. Vibrate to the rhythm of the Universe, without thinking too much about it.

Don’t fight. This is not a passive revolt that you have with the universe. Don’t succumb to anything. Surrendering here would entail listening, seeing and understanding what’s asked of you. It is all about following through on your instructions.

On 21st, we would be moving into Gemini, a period where communication and balance is a must. You would be more creative, and expressive, and all that would lead to you feel lighter and ascend higher.

At the end of May, you would be a calmer, much more mature version of who you are, and that would lead to times that are peaceful, in the year ahead.

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