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The Biggest Benefic, Jupiter, Is Changing Signs: Clear Goals Will Bring You Success

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by Conscious Reminder

Although Jupiter is in Sagittarius at this moment, it will soon be in Capricorn in the following week.

While Jupiter does spend quite some time between signs, the energy shift is quite obvious and interesting to note.

Jupiter in Capricorn can bring out energies that might be quite difficult to swallow. Jupiter has also been the ruler of higher learning, and encourage us to explore our potential to the highest.

You might not notice if you haven’t stopped to think but if you are someone creative and artistic, Jupiter matters a lot.

The energy of Capricorn can be quite peculiar and unforgiving. And when mixed with Jupiter, it can really throw us into a loop.

We might also feel that breaking into uncharted territories is the best thing to do. In a way, we would be bringing forth dichotomous reactions- we would be optimistic and yet quite shut out.

Capricorn restrains the wild nature of Jupiter which is filled with fantasies and ideas. Although this restraining might seem quite obtrusive, it helps us stay grounded, and not build castles in the air.

In Capricorn, Jupiter is going to take careful, practiced steps. No hurry, no vehement need to be the ruler of the planet in a single day.

You are going to be much persistent about things because you will have a clear goal in mind. You will know where you need to go, and how to proceed, and you will never take risks that don’t pay any dividends.

You will also get philosophical in this measured ride, where Jupiter will seek to gain by improving upon relationships.

You can always jump the highest, and run the fastest, but you will never complete any important task if you don’t have a team supporting each other. Professionalism is in its own place but you will also be social.

There is a catch though- you might start chasing power madly. Not just power but powerful people as well.

While it does seem righteous to note that every single person in a team is powerful in their own right, are you seriously going to believe in that and not run helter-skelter after someone you believe to be powerful? Hopefully, you won’t. But chances are, you might.

Restraining isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As you stay grounded, you find things on an earthly level from which you can learn to be a better human yourself.

Keep striving hard in this period and you will see the results already. This isn’t a setback or a prison- this is simply a period of time, which expects you to not jut out and harm yourself.

You might not feel totally at ease in this period but that doesn’t mean your goals aren’t before you.

You can still work hard, you can still make strides that will take you closer and closer to your goal. And before you know it, you will be there already.

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