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If Today Was Your Last Day…

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In listening to a great song on the radio (If Today Was Your Last Day, by Nickelback), it got me thinking.

It is interesting how we spend so much time running around trying to get everything done. We fall into a heap on the couch at the end of the day, exhausted. Many keep a to-do list every day and really enjoy crossing things off. That used to be me, but then I began focusing on all the things I didn’t complete that I still had left to do. I realized it was creating more stress in my life than less.

So, ditch the to-do list and start simply focusing on three things you want to complete in a day. Get up early, and set the intention of what the three most important things are you want to accomplish. For myself, 99.9 percent of the time when the day ends I now say, “Yes, I did that! I achieved my goal.” Feeling calm and confident, I can tackle another day.

This gives us much less stress in our life than an endless to-do list. We may occasionally still write out long-term things we’d like to complete. But, do away with that daily to-do list. In its place, you will find life is a calmer, more peaceful place. It is possible to exist within a love vortex and create more love and joy in life.

Here is a bucket list of things I would do if today were my last day:

  • Give my partner a smoldering kiss before they leave for work.
  • Walk the dogs because there is nothing better than watching them get all excited when you say, “Who wants to go for a walk?”
  • Take a long, hot, steamy bath with loads of Epsom salt and bubbles listening to soft music.
  • Wear the sexiest undergarments in my drawer (this is the special occasion I have been waiting for) and those comfortable jeans with that favorite sweater I’ve had for 20 years and still look great in.
  • Go out to that favorite breakfast joint with my sister.
  • Watch old reruns of my favorite TV shows.
  • Have Bloody Marys with my besties for lunch; because yes, sometimes it is fun to be naughty like that.
  • Shake my booty to my favorite song.
  • Go to one of those apps and schedule birthday cards for everyone to receive on their next birthday. Imagine how surprised they will be to see that birthday card in the mail!
  • Take an afternoon nap with the fur babies all curled up in my lap.
  • Eat that favorite candy bar I usually deny myself.
  • Go out to dinner with the family at my favorite restaurant and indulge in ice cream afterward.
  • Spend the evening enjoying a funny movie with popcorn and a root beer.
  • And what I would do “all night long” will be my little secret, because secrets are fun to have!

A Great and Simple Exercise in Possibilities

All my favorite things wrapped up into one day what an exquisite way to spend the last day on this planet!

Once you give it some thought, you might realize too that when you keep your life super-simple, it is super-easy to be happy. Consider meaningful things if today was your last day.

This is a good exercise to do on occasion maybe every five years or so. It helps one to slow down and put life into perspective. And, scheduling out those birthday cards even if it is not your last day is a pretty nice idea. Remember, keep it simple: Family + Friends + Food = Happy.

What would you do if today was your last day?

About the Author: Julie Geigle is a gifted channel of Archangel Metatron, a 4th generation Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer. Book a private session with Julie at heavensenthealing.us, where you can sign up for her newsletter, listen to her weekly radio show, and purchase guided meditations. Connect with her OMTimes Expert Classes on Learn It Live, and watch Julie on Wednesdays for a free psychic reading at 9 a.m. CST on Facebook live hosted by OMTimes Magazine.

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