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The Secret Of What Attracts Souls To Each Other

by Conscious Reminder

Has it ever happened to you that you met a complete stranger on the bus and within first few minutes, the two of you shared a most intimate bond which you don’t even seem to have with your best friend.

This feeling of always having known this person can never be put precisely into words. So what is this that makes us so attracted to a person that we cannot but help getting close to them?

And this is not just basic physical attraction too. Although your superficial features are very important, they don’t have the final say in who you find attractive and vice versa. The physical is just a part of the many aspects which govern our subconscious mind and make us feel attracted to some people.

It is definitely the first thing anyone notices about another human, but it is not the only thing. Think of the physical features as a cover letter, which is definitely a good introduction to a person’s life, but not the whole thing by far.

While describing this spiritual connection and what gives rise to this magnetism, do not confuse the phenomenon with that of ‘Soul mates’.

Fellow Travelers and not Soulmates

More than half the world believes in the concept of soul mates. That destiny has one person in store especially for you with whom you can spend the rest of your life.

But, the attraction we feel towards certain people can easily be explained with the help of a lot of parameters, which we notice and act upon on a subconscious level. We look for similar set of values, mental compatibility and so on to find someone with whom we can share the journey of life. We are looking for someone best suited to be a fellow traveler and it is all science, not fate or destiny.

Is it Fate or Determination?

Those who believe in soulmates think that out there is a perfect person custom made only for them. But the truth is, the secret to a happy relationship is constant hard work and understanding. Relationships work because you make them work, they don’t come pre-programmed from the hands of destiny.

So what is it that makes it work?

  • The most important component is an active mental seduction, which involves emotions, instincts and in built intuition which keeps us on our toes and engaged in the relationship.
  • When our partner reciprocates our feeling, they become even stronger. Being appreciated and loved is the best feeling in the world.
  • When we share a similar worldview and interests with our partner, it is only natural that our attraction towards them would be strengthened.
  • Challenge and excitement is what keeps any relationship alive and kicking no matter how much time has passed.

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