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The July Solar Eclipse Will Bring Some Major Transformation In Your Heart

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by Conscious Reminder

Cosmic events are wonderful. Most of us try to look at them unfolding. Many among us might be stargazers. Some might even find the face of their pretty lover carved on the moon.

We even wish for something special when there’s a shooting star coursing through the sky. And then, there are eclipses. The Cosmos is truly magical and it makes you feel so small in the grand scheme of life.

But we are not that small – the planets can dictate over our lives. We are connected to the planets. And July will be such a day when they show their power.

July is the season of eclipses. A total Solar Eclipse will be happening in the sign of Cancer on 2nd July. But along with that, the New Moon will take place.

During this time, the moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun, and hence, it is hidden from our view. However, in the total solar eclipse, the moon does not cover the entirety of the Sun.

There’s a reason for that- the moon’s shadow will naturally be of a lesser size than the sun and hence, it covers only a part of it.

Will The Total Solar Eclipse Be Viewed Properly?

The Eclipse can be seen in some places, especially in areas of Argentina and Chile. Other parts may not be able to see it. The rest of the South American and Pacific areas can see it too, partially, – namely, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil and Paraguay.

For people in North America, the Eclipse will be felt in our spirit. You just have to feel it. Sorry, you can’t see another eclipse until the next year.

Astrological Significance

The Eclipse wants to shape your life wholly. It pushes you out of the comfort zone, disturbs you from the inside and then, sets you down on the right path.

The eclipse has a bit of a triggering element – it tries to put you on the path of destiny. It brings in some major changes in your life – propelling you forward. Now, the change will be frightening. So, it can bewilder you.

The Eclipse will happen in Cancer – a sign of emotions. So, the total solar eclipse will transform you from your heart. Are you really sensitive to something? Be focused on it.

Are you nurturing in your end? Are you loved? You have to answer these questions and, on that basis, take note of the messages and themes that come to you.

So, it doesn’t matter if you see the eclipse or not, it will have a significant effect on your spirit. So, don’t let it get away. Enroll yourself in this cosmic mystery and see it flourish.

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