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Are You In A Karmic Relationship? These Are The Tell-Tale Signs!

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by Conscious Reminder

Sadly, karmic relationships are seldom positive. They carry lessons for your soul, which are, at times, quite painful.

There are certain traits you can look out for to help you identify whether any of your relationships are karmic in nature. An uncanny feeling of familiarity is one of the most common traits.

Karmic Relationship Signs

Among the things you feel are an intense desire for a thing you never desired before, an otherworldly connection, and a sense of deep familiarity even if you have never met the other person.

If such a person becomes a loved partner, then the relationship will be intensely affected. The never-before-felt connection will make your bones scream with sensation. However, such a karmic relationship will often be hurtful but enlightening in the long run.

Such a connection will tend to make you endure circumstances that degrade and harm your self-esteem. It is even worse for people who already suffer from self-loathing since they will hardly feel anything wrong. As such, the thought of being alone may end up making you panic and despair.

If you are in a karmic relationship, you will have to increase your vibrations. Then, you can have earnest, open eyes through which you can see reality. Karma stands for lessons and balance.

Some of these lessons are regarding sovereignty, self-care, and self-love. Failure to see reality can keep you willingly trapped inside negativity. You may not realize. However, you can unconsciously keep repeating such harmful patterns.

Love And Karma Are Different

The difference, though, is quite challenging to ascertain. However, love usually tends to calm and reassure. Karmic relationships, on the other hand, will provide unrestful energy and make you feel like you are constantly on a tightrope. For example, a partner who intentionally accepts you but mistreats you and then makes use of your love. This is a hypnotic karmic relationship.

Your awareness of the circumstances may not be complete. However, you still stay with the person for some reasons you do not know. Intense physical intimacy can be a reason that makes you think the relationship is worth it. However, it is probably just a maneuver of karma to keep you in the loop. A lot of such feelings are not reciprocal and only belong to your side.

Reaching The Stage Of Acceptance

For those who do not wish to remain in such a relationship, the first step will be to accept the situation of being stuck in such a relationship. After understanding that the present love union does not promote happiness, you can begin to fix the situation.

After that, you will have to steer the ship on your own. Realize that your destiny and your path are shaped by you and you alone. Without this realization, you will avoid disturbing the status quo, and the debilitating situation will remain as it is. Waiting and hoping will almost always make the situation worse.

To deal with traditional family patterns, you will have to grow and evolve spiritually. It is extremely difficult to discard patterns that have been internalized since we were kids. However, as difficult as it may seem, it is not impossible. For that, reach out to your friends or anyone you deem worthy of help.

Lastly, after concluding dissolving your karma, your strength needs to remain intact. You will have to convincingly and repeatedly remind yourself not to allow anything or anyone to take priority over your self-esteem and happiness. Moreover, remind yourself not to make the same errors in any other future or present relationships. 

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