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August Lunar Horoscope Of 2019: Working On Your Dreams

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by Conscious Reminder

This August Lunar Horoscope would make you aware of your dreams and how you can achieve it. August will be a delight for you.

Since the first event is naturally the New Moon in Leo, you can be assured of things falling back into place. Flowers would bloom, and your life will transform.

Although, you must realize that for your life to transform, you need to work for it too. If you want to be someone worthy of your own vision, you need to learn how to do that.

You have entrapped your heart amidst empty promises for a long time now. This is when the heart gets released from those empty caverns and meets the light of motivation and inspiration.

You need to believe in the infinite possibilities that life itself has to offer. You need to ignite the love that is present within you. For that, you need to perform acts of kindness, even smaller ones.

Crescent Moon in Scorpio August 7

You will definitely feel some acceleration in your workplace and a need to bring some stability in your familial life. While it can get overwhelming at times, you need to breathe it out. There would be challenges on the way but you can handle them.

Perseid Meteor Shower August 12

This meteor shower is already on the way to rising on its peak. And since July 31st has already seen the New Moon, early August would find its morning hours without a Moon.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 15

This is the period when you would feel the need to bring about a change and develop something new in your life. You should be careful about what you want for your life as this Moon is powerful enough to make you want to change things in your life. Practice accepting your own feelings.

Also, Aquarius would bring about laughter in your lives. It might help you to handle tension.

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini August 23

You will feel matured. Things that you didn’t have an idea about previously will start to look different with your matured perspective. You will also get to understand the reasons behind the actions and motivations of someone else or just you.

New Moon in Virgo August 30

This is the place to organize and plan. You have already brainstormed your creativity. Now is the time to put in the organizational details of the event on paper. If you want to, this is when you should start a diet or workout routine, or formulate any energy-restoring ritual.

July 31 to August 15

Mercury would be finishing a period of its retrograde and also end the second phase under the shadow. This will last from Mercury going direct to Mercury leaving the zone all the way.

The Out Of Course Moon

When the Moon doesn’t have the ability to create a Ptolemaic aspect with a different planet, that is, 0, 60, 90, 120 and 180-degree angles, and yet it is in a sign, the Moon is said to be out of course.

The main trope that comes out of this movement is the factor of ‘unpredictability’. Most pre-planned events don’t occur in the way they were supposed to.

Yet, it is the best time to be meditating, resting, reflecting or simply adapting to the situation, for things might change, or simply get prolonged.

Have a happy August!

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