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Your Horoscope For The Week Of August 12-18 Is Here: Venus, Mars & The Moon Are All Cheering For You!

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by Conscious Reminder

The second week of August 2019 is packed with the energy of the stars. August 12-18 will have Venus, Moon, and the Mars transit all aligned during the week.

Tuesday witnesses the conjunction of Venus and the Sun, bringing in passionate love for us all. Aquarius Full Moon on Thursday redirects our focus to the emotional side.

The week comes to an end with Mars entering Virgo on Saturday, which is set to boost our ambitions as well as sexual desires.

Let’s see what Venus, Moon, and Mars have planned for your zodiac this week:


The Venus transit on Tuesday is all set to boost your charisma and confidence. Don’t be shy when the spotlight shines on you! The Thursday Full Moon will make you rediscover friendships and connections. The week ends with Mars covering the wellness sector, providing you with new ambitions and the energy to follow them up.


Venus replenishes your relationships at home this Tuesday. The Full Moon on Thursday will bring positive changes in your career so make sure you share your goals with those around you. Mars shines the light on your confidence and creativity on Sunday and this is the time to conquer your fears.


Venus will bless your thoughts and language so spread the positivity. Thursday’s moonlight will guide you to your next adventure while Mars on Saturday will help you get back in touch with your emotional self.


Your bank account is up for a boost with the Tuesday transit of Venus. The Full Moon gives you time to explore your sexuality and have fun. Mars will be helping you set the right boundaries by providing you with better communication.


Venus makes you irresistible to your romantic partner this Tuesday. The Full Moon is set to strengthen your current relationship and all the single ladies can expect to be committed soon. Mars on Saturday will guide your actions to secure financial independence.


The week sets out with you relinquishing control and unrealistic expectations from relationships. Utilize the Full Moon to focus on self-care. As Mars enters your sign on Saturday, you are all set for new beginnings. Seize the day!


The lines between friendship and romance could be blurring with the Venus transit. The Full Moon will make you braver than before to easily share your stories and magnetize romances. The end of the week will have you tying up loose ends with Mars bringing in some closure.


Venus brings great recognition and success in your career front while the Full Moon on Thursday focuses on your emotions and familial matters. Mars is planning to bring you some new friends, who would stick by you the way you do for others.


Be open to meeting and interacting with new people this week, Venus has a romantic surprise for you. Utilize the Full Moon’s powers to listen, think, and speak better. Mars gives you renewed energy to fight for your professional ambitions at the end of the week.


Venus blesses you with honesty to strengthen your relationships while the Full Moon makes your finances prosper. The weekend would be best spent on exploring new things – Mars bestows curiosity in you.


Tuesday could turn very special with a unique romantic experience lined up for you. The Full Moon will encourage you to release unnecessary burdens and will also redirect your values and ideas. As Mars enters the sexuality zone, utilize this time for all the guilty pleasures!


The Venus transit on Tuesday will make you commit to better health, self-care and wellness strategies. The Full Moon will bring closure to a story which is no longer beneficial for you. Mars at the end of the week will motivate you to go out and fetch new connections, which could eventually lead to love!

Utilize the energy Venus and Mars are now going to bestow upon you and make the best of it! The Full Moon focus on your emotions so do not ignore them. Have a happy week ahead!

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