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The Aquarius Full Moon Won’t Have A Strong Effect On These 4 Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon of August 15th will be full of drama. There is a meeting between Venus, the planet controlling our passionate side, and Mars, the planet full of rebellion.

As the two of them meet, there will be a lot of misdirection making a mess of our lives. Add to that the short temper of Pluto and you will really start jumping into random conclusion and be stubborn, even angry, about it.

However, in all this drama, a few zodiac signs will not be affected as such. While for the rest, the pressure will build up to an obsessive degree and relationships will be full of manipulation, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries will be least affected by it.

So, here is how August 15th will go for these signs:


While the rest of the zodiac signs will be struggling with almost cinema-style drama, you will have an opposite effect during this Full Moon. The Full moon will bring happiness and joy in your life.

If you are in a relationship, expect this joy to double during the times that you spend with your partner. Don’t bother the jealous glares that you invite – most zodiacs are having a bad time and your enthusiasm will make them furious.


You won’t have to face any external influence trying to misdirect you. Rather, your mind will be settled on one decision only – both sides of your brain are trying to add up the fun quotient in your life.

It will be a time full of love and joy as you might be spending most of your time with your partner or your friends. Your enthusiasm will be addictive and people will flock around you, trying to be in your company. Be kind and make time for everyone – have loads of fun.


You are always the one to give the wisest and judicious advice and so, people like to come to you and ask for assistance. As the other signs try to deal with the drama and the misdirection, you will be their guide.

Many of them will come to you and ask for your wisdom. Since things will be going well with you, you should start sharing your wisdom and help others. Be the light in the times of their darkness.


The Full Moon is going to make you really lucky. Don’t worry if you find everyone’s eyes settling on you. You will have a lot of admirers flocking around you this time.

Plus, since luck in on your side, why don’t you apply for your dream job or get yourself a lottery ticket? You never know how luck will reward you.

So, have a great time during this Full Moon. Remember, good times don’t last for long, so as long as it is there, live it to its fullest.

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