1 Billion Trees Being Planted By New Zealand To Combat Climate Change & Deforestation

by Conscious Reminder

For quite some years now, scientists have been warning people and governments all over the world that if steps aren’t taken to curb the emission of greenhouses gases, we would be in some real soup.

In fact, 2035 is the deadline set by the scientists before things go out of our control. Unfortunately, it seems like we are approaching it with big steps, instead of slowing down.

However, New Zealand has shown a major initiative in taking the crisis seriously. They have brought forth a program that would oversee the planting of a thousand million trees over a course of 10 years.

For the initial three years, a budget of $485 million has been allocated to the program.

As New Zealand’s debating a target of zero emissions by 2050, this afforestation would be a huge factor in the process. They could play right into a cap-and-trade program, or an ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) program.

The Minister of Forestry, New Zealand, Shane Jones explained that the correct ETS would enable them to plant at least 340 million more trees in the coming 10 years, than the current ETS.

And it goes without saying that it would be a huge boon if the government does decide to incentivize its Billion Trees Program.

Trees aren’t just a natural filter for greenhouse gases. They have a lot of other purposes like preventing soil erosion, providing shelter, reducing the temperature, cleaner air, etc.

The Provincial Growth Fund would be funding the Te Uru Rakau (New Zealand Forestry) in their following plans:

1. Helping in increasing employment and putting up an efficient workforce.

2. Optimizing land use

3. Mitigating the change in climate

4. Supporting Maori aspirations and values

5. Protecting the environment

6. Supporting New Zealand’s plans to get into a low emission zone.

Already, the government’s funded over $140 million to landowners, to incorporate trees into their already existing farms.

The New Zealand Department of Forests is closely monitoring the growth of afforestation. Till 15th July 2019, around 110 million trees have already been planted, while an additional 80 million seedlings are ready for gestation.

Not just New Zealand, other countries are also showing the zeal. Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, has promised to grow around 10 million trees in half a decade, while India has plans of increasing the land under forest cover from 21% to 33%.

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