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Narcissists And The Struggle They Put People Through

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 by Conscious Reminder

Things are hardly simple while you are with a narcissist. Things become difficult to organize and coordinate and nothing goes smoothly.

Within any group dynamics, the narcissist always wants to dominate over every activity and person. This makes everything tough as the group is unable to compromise.

In addition, there are frequent conflicts and drama. Basically, narcissists bring confusion and disorder wherever they are present.

Narcissists are not willing to show their real selves that might break the delusion of perfection. They always want to be the best and impress other people then dominate or manipulate them according to their will.

We have compiled a list of reasons why narcissists make things difficult. So keep reading to find out more.

Not Easy-Going

Narcissists are not easy-going people and never go with the current flow of the place and atmosphere. They have no empathy. They don’t consider the opinion of the general people around them and try to dominate over others. They do not care about any other person unless they are trying to impress a particular person.

Within any group setting, they fail to compromise and feel the vibe that results in a disruption of harmony. They are focused on their wants and try to impress others. They resent others making decisions or getting more attention.

Shun Responsibilities

Narcissists don’t like taking responsibilities and push away all routine duties since they consider those beneath them. Since responsibilities are prone to making mistakes, they shun them for fear of committing slip-ups. Also, this might challenge the idea of their perfection and superiority.

Instead, they give their responsibilities to others and put the blame of faults on them. This will take the onus away from them and put it on someone else.

They also have a twisted mindset whereby they wish the person might make mistakes and they will get an opportunity to save the day. They also try to impress others by trying to fix the problem made by others and emerge as a hero.

Evade Problematic Discussions

Mature adults usually prefer to discuss and sort out problems by reaching a solution. On the other hand, narcissists avoid having these discussions. They end up changing the topic or blame the other person or antagonize the people creating a turbulent argument. The resolution is never achieved.

Narcissists avoid these conversations because they might reveal their imperfections and flaws. They don’t avoid being accountable for their behavior or actions and evade real issues. In group settings, the problems become bigger since the problems don’t get resolved and create more chaos.

Ulterior Motives

Narcissists most often have ulterior motives attached to every action and decision they make. In addition, nobody else knows about these hidden agendas. Most often they are more focused upon their personal motives than anything else. This results in them making strange decisions.

These ulterior motives can be of any sort and might even be dangerous to some people. They might be jealous of somebody and would want to discredit that person. Or they might want to impress someone by feeding the wrong information to them.

Narcissists might also want to break group friendships to maintain their power over each person. So manipulation is their main motive.

Parting Words

Narcissists can be annoying or harmful to people so it is best for each person to be careful around them and recognize these traits from the very beginning. This will help in protecting themselves from narcissists as well as put out a word of caution to others against them as well.

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