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The Spiritual Significance Of The Beaver Full Moon In November

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by Conscious Reminder

A Full Moon is strongly associated with illumination, release, and resolution. However, the 19th November full moon will make these energies go into hyperdrive.

This is because the approaching Beaver Full Moon is also going to be a lunar eclipse. As a result, all kinds of changes will be happening emotionally.

In Astrology, full moons are the climax of a month’s lunar cycle. It is when the moon and the sun stand in opposition. The aspect brings us perspective, takes things to the breaking point, as well as heightens our emotions.

The 2021 Full Moon in November is going to happen in sensual Taurus. So its spiritual meaning is focused on being on the same frequency as our values. Incorporating the energy of the full moon in our spiritual practices is one of the best ways of aligning with the natural rhythms of the cosmos.

The Beaver Full Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

This Full Moon is also nicknamed the Moon of the Beaver because, traditionally, this is when beavers find shelter for the approaching winter. This lunation is also called the Freezing or Frost Moon, as a reference to the chillier temperatures and shorter days that happen during this time in autumn.

Symbolically, the nicknames refer to the power of the full moon to illuminate all that is needed to feel secure, warm, and safe as the seasonal scarcity and cold increase. Taurus’ influence will help us determine what is truly valuable and what is not.

The 2021 Beaver Moon has extra spiritual significance because it will also be a partial lunar eclipse. As such it marks the beginning of this year’s 2nd and final season of eclipses.

Furthermore, it will also be the first eclipse that will happen on the zodiac’s Taurus-Scorpio axis since 2014. This will be the beginning of a new cycle that will tell a continuing story of change and growth through the coming 2 years.

These events in the cosmos will possibly impact our relations with energetic bonds, values, and possessions. As such, we must pay attention to the types of shifts or revelations that happen during the lunation.

Working With The Energy Of The 2021 Lunar Eclipse In November

Even if a full moon is a great time for doing moon magic and personal rituals, eclipses are exceptions. Their cosmic energy is too compromised and chaotic. Rather than harnessing it, it will be better if you immerse yourself in change’s choppy waters and try accepting everything sent your way by the universe.

During the eclipse, the moon shall be in Taurus. As such, its energy will be highlighting the sensual experiences as well as making us more aware of the realm of materiality. This is a great time for feeling into the body and aligning with your senses to receive more of the insights of the full moon. The observations will guide you into staying present as well as navigating the changes induced by the eclipse.

If some more structure is needed to help you remain steady through the eclipse, then it is also the perfect time for attempting meditation for full moon eclipses or using crystals for grounded healing.

Eclipses have the power to bring powerful surges in emotions, huge shifts, as well as sudden endings. Guided yoga, meditations, or breathwork can help in keeping ourselves centered inside our body as well as calm enough for making sense of the emotional flurry.

Incorporating some crystals for stress relief and soothing in any of the practices can increase their effectiveness while also helping you tune into the energy of the lunation further.  

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