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Why Are Female Twin Flame Runners So Hard To Find?

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by Conscious Reminder

In a Twin Flame relationship, there are two special phases: the chasing stage and the runner stage. In the runner stage, one of the twin flames run away and that creates a major soul shift.

However, if you look at the stories of the Twin Flame runners, it is generally male runners who get highlighted. Female runners are few and far between. So, why is it so?

Of course, in a Twin flame relationship, gender takes the least role. It is mostly irrelevant. A twin flame relationship has a singular purpose shared by the couple and they go through similar stages. Nothing really changes.

However, the challenges of a male are not the same as that of a female. In general, when people talk about the Runner stage of a twin flame relationship, the characteristics of a runner is not even mentioned properly. It is just seen as a necessary stage to take place.

But then, why are female twin flame runners so rare:

It has to do with the feminine energy that women carry within themselves. Women are generally more rooted to the world of spirituality while masculine energy tends to bend towards the physical world.

Of course, it can’t be said that women are complete feminine energy. We are all a mixture of energies and there are no exclusive rights to one kind of energy. In an ideal condition, the masculine and feminine energy should balance each other out.

In a single person, it is rarely in harmony. But when someone comes into a Twin Flame relationship, that balance is almost achieved.

Since you are female, you are already rooted in your spirituality. The feminine energy inside you is very high and so, you are likely to be a Chaser.

But on the other hand, if you have more masculine energy inside you, then you can eventually become a runner. It’s not about gender. It’s about the energy distribution in your body – the kind of energy you possess.

Challenges Of A Twin Flame Female Runner

While both male and female runners will face almost similar challenges, the female has to confront some additional issues. Firstly, they must look inside and find out what kind of energy imbalance is present within them.

They should try to reach within themselves and find out the feminine energy held inside. One of the problems that Runners face is that they fail to understand what mirror souls are.

They might have an intellectual understanding of it but they do not feel it within themselves. Rather, even if they do, they don’t entertain that truth. It scares them.

Runners go through many fears: the fear of the unknown, of any kind of commitment and the fear of the new world that they are entering.

But that is just the burden that any runner can face. What is the additional burden placed on a female runner?

Well, the added burden is based on the societal expectations put on her gender. Many expectations are placed on a woman and when she becomes a Runner.

These expectations start to rear its ugly head later on. Women are often pressured to return to a relationship, even if they are not ready for it.

While men are encouraged to take their time, women are expected to sort out their emotions and go back to their relationship as fast as possible.

Winning Back A Twin Flame Female Runner

For all chasers, there is one advice: don’t try to rush the runners back to your life. The separation is a crucial step in your journey. It needs time. Don’t rush through it.

The right way to make things really work is to be supportive, accept that both of you need to find a balance of energy within yourself and that you need to be in the appropriate mindset before embarking on a new adventure.

If you still talk and see each other, you can be supportive. If you don’t see each other, then try to establish a telepathic connection and deliver the messages of support. Respect each other’s boundaries.

However, if you have a twin flame female runner in your life, then things can work out faster than you imagine. Both of you are diving in yourself to search for your natural energy.

While fighting off the existing energy can be difficult, it is so much easier to find your natural feminine or masculine state. If you feel the trauma of separation, give yourself time. Find a personal balance. Work towards a Union.

It is a difficult time but know that a glorious future is waiting for you. Just wait and keep your fingers crossed.

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