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The Scorpio New Moon Brings Uncomfortable Truths To Help Your Spiritual Journey

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon will occur in Scorpio on 27th-28th October. It is bringing waves of positive energy to us. The skies are all in turmoil and change is coming.

The New Moon is looking to make us face some uncomfortable truths. They may come suddenly but this information might help you turn to a completely new direction.

Remember this point – it is a new vantage point. Use it well and it might define your future.

When we are experiencing something new, it can shock us. However, it actually forces us to see things in a new light. It changes our perspective.

However, while it might seem unexpected, it is not completely so. There are clues present inside you – you just have to reach within and try to find them out. If you can trace the clues properly, you can understand your developments.

The New Moon is bringing a new development in your life. It wants you to examine the larger picture and make changes in your life accordingly.

Sometimes, when we are embroiled in a certain situation, we lose sight of the larger picture. Now, that’s going to change. You will start looking at things differently now.

You may not know the beauty of things. There are many elements present in our life that can confuse us.

But then, if we look within, we might be able to understand what they are – separate the ones that are real from the ones that are just imaginary. The other archetypes are the Phoenix and the Eagle.

The archetype of Scorpio is the Scorpion. It is bringing in necessary transformation. Scorpions tend to be defensive and can sting when instigated. Eagles soar high and look at the bigger picture. The Phoenix rises from the ashes and becomes new.

These are all different metamorphoses. It’s time for the transformations to come in our favor.

Now is the time to move from our dark caverns into the light of spiritual wisdom. And that wisdom can bring many jarring truths. The New Moon is full of erratic energy. You can feel overwhelmed at first but then, you can rise up again.

There will be power struggles during this period. So, protect yourself – the power dynamics can be brought into your favor if you use the lunar energy well. The New Moon energy can be harsh because sometimes harshness is necessary for intense change.

All of us wish to remain centered, however, we can’t limit ourselves. The dark Moon makes us stronger; it awakens us from the softening phase and propels us to the awakening phase.

We live a dual world – on one hand, there is the beauty of the rainbow while on the other hand, there is pain and suffering. We need to find a balance between the two.

The Scorpio New Moon brings about self-acceptance and an acknowledgment on our part. We realize what role we play in our lives.

Scorpio is actually a water sign. It is like the flowing emotions. The energy can get intense at times, but remember, it can change too. Water becomes intense when it is transforming landmasses around it. It is important to be aware of the changes around us.

The New Moon is helping us to be born again. You will keep growing. You will still question and be shocked by the answers.

But growth is inevitable and the Scorpio New Moon is bringing that to you.

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