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Energy Aspects of the New Moon in Cancer, July 2023, You Should Know About

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by Conscious Reminder

The July New Moon is coming up in the zodiac of Cancer on the 17th.

This New Moon will offer us the energy we need to heal from our past wounds and build new bridges.

Read on to know more about this lumination.

:: July New Moon and the Great Mother

The Great Mother is the divine feminine energy nourishing all lives, when in her highest expression. But Cancer is now in her shadow, meaning the Mother will now try to drain from life. This means we have to take care of our negative emotions. Cancer being the sign of ancestry, this is the time when we will feel a greater connection with the ancient mother. We might even be able to tap into some gifts we have received via our ancestry.

Yin energy is associated with New Moons- the energy that is used to reflect and receive energy. The July New Moon is the time to explore the feminine energy within us and find how it defines our relationship with the self.

:: Emotional Energy Brought About by the New Moon in Cancer

As if the Cancer season itself is not enough, the New Moon will magnify our emotions further. Don’t try to suppress them, try to understand where they come from. Release your feelings- take up journaling, or drawing, or anything else that draws your attention this New Moon night. Use the feminine energy to channel your emotions and build new connections. Observe your emotions carefully, they have something to communicate to you. Slow down in your activities, forgot about jumping into action based on your feelings. Slow down and listen. Your emotional energy will guide you into the next phase of your life.

:: Let the Water Heal You

Being a Water sign, Cancer gives us many opportunities for healing. And the Moon too is intricately associated with this element. You can tap into the healing power of water by emerging your self in a body of water or just get drenched in the rain once. Let your physical body feel the importance of water while your mind explores its powers.

Let the fluid state show you how life works, how energy flows in the universe. There is a lot of learning and healing to do, my friend.

Overall, the July New Moon in Cancer has many things to offer us. But we need to be active and intuitive in order to decipher the meaning. Enjoy the lumination, near a water body if possible. And prepare to welcome the upcoming Leo season!

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