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You Will Find The Love You’ve Always Dreamed Of – You Just Have To Believe In It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You may have had your heartbroken. But think about it – were you with the right person? Perhaps each night passed with a heaviness settled in your heart.

You might have thought – will they love me like yesterday? Every day, your mind was embroiled with toxic thoughts of what can be wrong. You know your dark times will only increase.

You know that there is no respite to this worry. But somehow, you have suppressed these emotions. You just cannot think of a life without this person – however toxic they might be?

But there is glory in separation. You will be loved again. You will find someone who is as special as a starry night upon the silent sea. Your heart will only be decorated with love. Your mind will only search for ways to make things even more special.

Perhaps, with the right person, you will be at your wit’s end. Because life is already so special. How can anything more be added to such a beautiful relationship?

You might have spent many mornings looking at the empty streets waiting for a familiar face or a familiar smile gazing at you. You call them up and you sit and have your favorite coffee together. Perhaps, they pull out their phone and start your favorite jazz in an almost muted sound. The mood is set.

You think back of the times when your life was a struggle. When toxic people and toxic thoughts burdened your heart. A tear squeezes out of your wet eyes. And they are ready with a tissue, trying to comfort you.

You can talk to them without any fear. You won’t feel like you are walking on eggshells. You tell them everything and sometimes, in the middle of a laugh, you even insult them. And they insult back. No, your pottymouth does not affect them. They want you to be as original as you can be.

You no longer remember the hurtful times when you fell in love with people who did not love you. Rather, when you recall them, you make jokes out of that time and laugh it off. You have finally come to terms with your mistakes.

You are not affected by it. You know what went wrong there and you have finally forgiven yourself and the ones who broke your heart. You know that you are not at fault.

You just had to wait for the right person and now, there is no doubt that you are with one. You just had to wait for the one person who would love you the way you needed to be loved.

You had wondered whether the love you imagined existed. Now, you know the answers. Your dream has come true. And now, you seem to be in the best part of your book – the romance of your story is fulfilled.

Now, it’s time to live every single fantasy you have ever dreamed of.

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