Do Both Twin Flames Experience Soul Evolution On The Same Level?

by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames are a rare and unique type of connection and their soul evolution too is quite different from others.

Usually, both twin flames do evolve at the same rate, especially if they are Earthling Monadics. This type of flames incarnate together in their physical lives and both are advanced souls.

They both are usually in the same Earth School and must finish their lessons and graduate together. Even when they seem similar, their background and upbringing can be poles apart.

One may carry more trauma than the other, one may have come from a more religious family. All these may make either or both feel like they are not the advanced souls that they are.

But the truth is they both are such special souls otherwise the twin flame relationship wouldn’t have taken place!

Starseed twin flames can also have soul evolution at the same rate. This is especially true when both have come to earth from the same ET civilization or both have been “planet-hopping” for some time.

But there is a reason why such relationships are most flowing on our planet. There could be two souls who are on different levels. They won’t be in sync and that is when they must come to earth. There can be Startseed Monadics who had to separate quite early in their journey.

While traveling the cosmos, one may gravitate towards a peaceful and positive civilization while the other moves to a more negative and Reptilian civilization. The trouble lies here that one soul is experiencing positive vibrations while the other, negative ones.

For them to unite, they must be in a place of duality. Earth is the perfect place for them since we have both light and darkness here and they can find their common ground. In previous lives, they may have been the worst of enemies but in their Earth incarnation, they will move a bit closer.

And they will keep moving closer through a few more lifetimes in order to unite. They are here to learn how to have a balanced healthy relationship and for some, this takes a long time.

Soul evolution may cause some obstacles for Split Souls. If one soul has been divided into 2 due to trauma from a past life, the evolution may be hindered.

Spirit Healers take the opportunity to bundle all the positive and healthy energies to put up one soul while all the negativity is left for the other one.

This negative one must suffer in 5D Healing Temples for centuries. There they have to wait till they get rid of all their negativity.

All their positivity will be restored here and then they can reincarnate. Then they return to 3D but these souls will not be as experienced as the other twin flame.

The healthy one already had a head start and had been learning lessons while the other was away. Such flames don’t unite immediately since the differences are quite stark. Also, the one who has more trauma may get triggered at any time and make things worse.

They may suffer from mental disorders making the union more difficult. This is when the relationship is truly tested. The positive one has to send healing vibes to their twin and help them recover.

The sooner they recover, the sooner both can reunite!

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