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This Scuba Diving Group Is Turning Recycled Ocean Plastic Into Face Masks

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by Conscious Reminder

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) are making masks by reusing plastic waste that polluted the sea. It is doing so in a partnership with Rash’R, which sells eco-friendly activewear.

This is great news for both sea animals and humans, as sea pollution can be reduced drastically with this effort.

The organization is using plastic bottles that once polluted the sea beaches. They have come up with this bright idea of using plastic waste to make masks, out of their love for the ocean.

The masks cost $20.40 each and you will get 5 replacement filters each mask. They are available in five designs that showcase sea animals like great white sharks and manta rays. The organization also has special masks for children between the ages of 4 to 10.

Lisa Nicklin, vice president of consumer marketing at PADI Worldwide said that they are not profiting by selling this product. They simply want to protect the ocean, and help people fight the ongoing crisis.

With pre-orders going up to 15,000 already, the company is very busy trying to meet the demand. The popularity of the masks has helped in reusing 1267 pounds of ocean waste to date.

Nicklin says that the popularity of the masks is based on the thought that people are doing a great thing for the ocean while buying something they already need.

The US government had initially suggested against wearing masks but now is asking its citizens to wear protective gear at all times. The new virus is known to spread while talking and sometimes even while breathing.

Thus, masks are now a necessity to protect oneself. The guidance issued by the US government includes other social distancing norms, and stay-at-home orders, along with the need to wear masks at public places.

During a time when there is an excessive need for N95 and surgical masks, these reusable masks made by PADI come in handy.

These masks serve as a replacement for the N95 and surgical masks, which now can be saved for health care workers.

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1 comment

EL April 24, 2020 - 10:27 am

And what policies are in place, keeping this unsustainable waste out of our garbage dumps and/or ending up in our oceans again?! What studies have been made making certain this product doesn’t off-gas causing and creating lung problems or other heal issues?!\ Profiteering without considering the long term consequences, is why we are “all” having to deal with numerous aspects of unsustainable waste both now and in the future~! The last definition of sustainable is: “able to be upheld or defended”… Go deeper before sales pitching! Namaste…


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