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Depression In Empaths: Why Highly Sensitive People Are More Susceptible To Emotional Exhaust

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by Conscious Reminder

If you are an empath, you probably feel down when you are around too many people. It is also possible that you have ignored the feeling or brushed it aside.

As an empath, you know that you should not minimize ‘depression’ as a whole. It’s the wrong thing to do for people who are actually depressed. But then, you might feel like you are prone to it as well.

The reason is simple: you are always putting yourself in the line of fire.

Empaths are always soaking in different emotions of others. This can create a load on their mental space, and eventually, they find it hard to process different emotions.

The more empaths absorb the emotions of others, the more they burden themselves and make their internal state dangerous.

Empaths need to understand what kind of energy they are absorbing. You must take steps to segregate the energies you absorb.

Too much toxic energy can change how you feel about yourself. If you sense a dangerous emotion coming your way, run away from it. Know that sometimes there are people who are just not going to change themselves.

Remember that you are not the sole person who can save the entire world. Taking too much can be harmful to you.

There are far too many empaths who come to this realization late. They realize and regret having lost their empathic powers on the wrong people.

If you are feeling burdened, it’s time to take a break. Clear your mental space by not absorbing any more emotions. For proper recharging, an empath first needs to let go.

After this, you can choose whose emotions you want to take up and whose you want to avoid.

Many people feed on your optimism but only give back negativity. Don’t entertain them with your powers.

You need to be disciplined as an empath and not waste your powers. If you are struggling to keep things in order, take some time out and get a few things straight.

It will help your empathic journey in the long run.

Taking On Too Many Negative Emotions Can Make An Empath Depressed

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