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What The Sagittarius Season 2022 Has In Store For You

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by Conscious Reminder

Sagittarius season starts on Tuesday and lasts through Dec 21. It brings fun, adventure, and lightheartedness to the entire zodiac.

Tell the next New Moon in Sagittarius about your desire to exercise gratitude and wonder if you’re having trouble seeing the bright side, and joy seems inaccessible. Jupiter Retrograde concludes on the same day in mysterious Pisces.

Sagittarius is the sign of exploration, knowledge, and adventure. No matter what sign you are, you are traveling from Nov 22 to Dec 21 while trying something new, meeting fascinating new people, and broadening your horizons.

You may bet on learning a great deal whether you’re traveling far away, enrolling in a new course, or simply visiting a new café or bookstore.

Enjoy The Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius is the “professor” sign of the zodiac. You’re not only widening your horizons and learning new things, but you’re also a lot more eager to impart your expertise to others.

Despite being a fire sign with strong independence tendencies, Sagittarius can understand that any trip is better when shared with a companion. The Archer is also referred to as the “spiritual warrior.” It is the only sign in the zodiac that carries a weapon.

The arrow and bow are perfectly positioned at the center of the sky’s scorpion, enabling it to shoot at those who make snarky remarks and to protect people from evil forces.

As the positive zodiac sign gallops away from all who do not see the bright side of life, Sag will also target those who try to drag them down through pessimism, control, or deceptive tactics.

This suggests that we will change our perspective and adopt a positive outlook. The archer’s arsenal includes more than just a bow and arrow. They are renowned for speaking quickly and bluntly while fearlessly asserting themselves. Words can suddenly be hurtful.

When you speak, try to be as polite as possible. It’s necessary to live in the now and let things happen to fully enjoy the Sagittarius sentiment. We can forgive in a typical Sag way, but forgetting is something else.

The archer can quickly put their annoyances behind them and move on to maintain harmony and peace. We shall be able to release our frustrations as soon as we get the final say in circumstances. Being seen, heard, and understood is critical at all times, but right now, more than ever.

Important Dates To Remember For The Sagittarius Season  

• Jupiter’s retrograde period will conclude on Nov 23, which will improve our luck.

• On Dec 20, Jupiter will reenter Aries, returning us to the ideas we started in May.

• The Nov 23rd new moon in Sagittarius, which is a powerful day for manifestation.

On December 3, Neptune turns direct in Pisces, encouraging us to trust our instincts.

• On Dec 8, when the Sun is in Sag and Mars is retrograde in Gemini, we are forced to express our frustrations.

• The Dec 7 full moon in Gemini, which brings light to our dreams.

• On Dec 14, the Sun opposes Neptune in Pisces, enhancing our sensitivity.

Keep in mind that throughout the Sag season, Mars will be strolling on the moon. This might lead to us becoming irritable, worn out, temperamental, and weary.

Be kind to others and take care of yourself by including self-care in your daily routine. During Sag season, remember that karma is real, so make sure you’re paying it forward with kindness and care.

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