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5 Planets Are In Retrograde, Watch Out This Weekend

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by Conscious Reminder

Retrogrades are notorious for changing things up. Be it dynamics between people, energies, or life path; Retrogrades influence it all.

So, it might be a little overwhelming to know that July has at least five Retrogrades in store for us.

However, we are here to tell you that it’s not a cause for worry. Just read the article and prepare yourself for all the possibilities. Remember that with change comes a chance to progress.

The Mercury Retrograde is a tricky period. This is when you need to be the most careful. Your communication and technology might face a lot of shortcomings. Be patient during this time. Listen to others, be clear about what you want, and always double-check every message or email you send.

A Retrograde cycle begins when a planet slows down and goes back to the path it had just passed. This means that, because of the Cosmic alignments, we will be faced with a lot of past themes.

Don’t worry if the past months have not been kind to you. The best way for you to cope with it is by reflecting on your past actions. It’s like getting a second chance in life.

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed during this time of crisis. Just remember to keep your calm.

Venus has been in Retrograde since 9th April. The alluring Venus hovers in Gemini, bringing themes of love and finance. It officially went direct on 25th June. However, her effects will last until she exits the Retrograde shadow on 29th July. So, prepare yourself to revisit your finance and relationship issues.

The fierce Mercury will station itself direct on 12th July. But, as is the case with Venus, it’s Retrograde effects will last a little longer after it goes direct. As it is in the compassionate and caring Cancer, Mercury’s disruptive tendencies will be somewhat balanced.

You will be influenced to look back at past memories. This period might be a little emotionally charged. It will be a perfect time to diffuse any familial issues you might be facing. Be empathic, and keep your mind open.

Saturn entered Capricorn and started its Retrograde on 1st July. The traditional and righteous planet will be extremely powerful and unleash potent energies as it rules Capricorn.

This alliance won’t happen until at least after 28 years. The righteous Saturn will encourage us to be more grounded. It will also restructure our professional and personal foundations. Later in December, it will enter Aquarius.

The bountiful Jupiter will also be Retrograding alongside Saturn. This Cosmic alliance will be most beneficial for us all.

The powerful Pluto, which brings death and transformation, is also in Retrograde till 4th October. All three planets, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are currently in Capricorn. This means that our emphasis will be on integrity and honesty.

Authorities who have abused their power will come to light. Change is in the air. We will all be encouraged to express our opinions and rebuild our social foundations.

The dreamy Neptune is also in Retrograde till 28th November. She hovers in Pisces, the zodiac she rules. Our creative abilities under her will peak.

Finally, the healing Chiron has also started its Retrograde in Aeries as of 11th July. The time is best to reflect and heal.

Hold your horses. If you feel overwhelmed by all the information, take a deep breath, and meditate. Get in touch with your inner self and gather all your energy because you are going to need it.

Keep calm and trust the Universe. This change is a positive one.

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