Spiritual Awakening And Letting Go Of The “I”

by Roy Cohen
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

10 years ago I had a spiritual awakening. It was a single instance of realization that the “I” or “Me” inside the mind wasn’t in fact me. This moment changed my life forever, it was as if I was destined to walk this path.

Spiritual awakening isn’t an end-goal, it’s simply a split second of peeking behind the veil. To witness what is beyond the mind and what has always been. My experience isn’t special, there are thousands of people who have had the same experience.

As I grow older, I have given into the fact that there is nothing more important than finding fulfillment that comes from deep within. To everyone searching, the answer is already within. There is no long journey you must take, spiritual awakening is here, now.

Letting go of “I”

There is a voice inside of your mind, but is it you?

It speaks back, it declares “Yes”, but from where did these thoughts come from?

Spiritual awakening is not a philosophical understanding, it’s a moment of seeing in the present. There is no need to analyze, the mind cannot comprehend awakening itself through language. 

Your breathing, heart beating, digestion all happen automatically. What makes the mind any different? There are millions upon millions of cells working perfectly in harmony, the mind is not excluded.

Question this “I”, ask “Who am I?”

Shifting Dimensions

Once the “I” is seen through, the illusion is lifted. The split-second it took to peek behind the veil was all that was needed. The rest is history.

A true awakening is proceeded by a shift in perspective. No longer is the “I” seen as the center, the entire universe becomes the center. This is when the mind and body and reconnected with the wholeness of awareness, the ever-present consciousness that holds together the universe.

Suffering as you know it will start falling away. As awakening unravels, you go deeper until there is nothing left to let go of. This is what is commonly referred to as “spiritual enlightenment”.

Remove Your Boundaries

Don’t limit yourself. Awakening is here, now. Every human on Earth has the ability to see through the illusion that 99.9 percent of humans suffer through.

It only takes a mere instance of braveness, courage, and honesty to see it. That “I” is not in control, that there was never any control and there will never be any.

Awakening is how you free yourself. There is nothing else like it in life, no material belonging can scrape the surface of fulfillment that awakening brings.

Start meditating, start investigating. The time is now.

About the Author: Roy is on a mission to help as many people as possible to live a better life. After years of trying every self-help technique, he’s found what truly works in reality. Claiming Clarity was created so people can begin to explore their spirituality, start meditating, and conquer their own lives.

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