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December Astrology By Dates: Ready For A Power-Packed End Of The Year?

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by Conscious Reminder

2020 has been a year of awakening, growth, and change. Many rare alignments have shaken up our lives, and December 2020 will be no stranger to such events.

Solstice, Solar Eclipse, a Full Moon, and the Great Conjunction are the gems that will dictate the energies this month.

The Great Conjunction is the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter. This rare event is going to be extremely potent. While the last ten or so Great Conjunctions took place in earth signs, this year, it will be in Aquarius, an air sign.

A new 200-year-old cycle is going to start as the year comes to an end. This is set to accelerate our collective ascension.

The other major events of the month are:

Pluto-Eris Square: 10th December

When the planet of death squares with the planet of discord, expect volatile energy. As Pluto and Eris come close this December, their chaotic energy will push us to makes changes for the better. Find out what is not working for you anymore. This is the time to grow.

12/12: 12th December

This the Angel Number associated with completion, and it also activates our light body. You can gain a better understanding of time and dimensions and how to travel further into the higher realms.

New Moon Solar Eclipse: 14th December

mid-December has the first Total Solar Eclipse of this Eclipse season occurring with a New Moon in Gemini. This event will come with news that may not be apparent right away. The seeds planted under this New Moon will soon bring great benefits.

Chiron turns Direct: 15th December

After nearly 6 months of Retrograde, the wounded healer is finally turning Direct. The lessons we have learned these past months will aid our growth starting this December.

Saturn shifts to Aquarius: 17th December

Saturn is shifting into Aquarius and will be stationed in this air sign for more than two years now. On a personal level, a new karmic cycle is about to start. The Lord of Karma is bringing us new challenges and lessons. If you have put in the required work, expect Saturn to reward you as you deserve.

On the collective level, the brief Saturn shift in March this year coincided with the lockdowns. As Saturn returns to that same alignment, there is much speculation about what might come our way.

Sun reaches Galactic Center: 18th December

At 27 degrees of Sagittarius, astrologers believe lies the center of our galaxy. When the Sun aligns with this center this December, high-frequency energy will be sent towards us. This energy is best used for alchemy, manifestation methods, and other ritual work. Let it boost your energy levels!

Uranus-Black Moon Lilith Conjunction: 19th December

Revolutionary energy is headed our way when Uranus conjuncts with Black Moon Lilith. Suppressed emotions and information can come to the surface now. If you have been holding yourself back, let this energy liberate you!

Jupiter shifts to Aquarius: 20th December

With Jupiter moving into this air sign for the next 12 months, themes of the community will be highlighted. Focus on the collective consciousness, community building, and humanitarian efforts will be at the forefront here. Think about the themes you experienced in 2009, the last time Jupiter was in this sign. Expect rewards and abundance from Jupiter in those sectors.

Great Conjunction, Capricorn Season, Solstice: 21st-22nd December

On the 21st/22nd, three major events are scheduled. The Sun will shift into Capricorn, the December Solstice takes place, and the significant conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn also takes place.

The Great Conjunction welcomes a new era. Saturn is starting a new cycle, and so is Jupiter. New growth and ascension await us.

Mars-Pluto Square: 23rd December

The last Mars-Pluto alignment takes place this December. This particular alignment brings a lot of frustration, agitation, and anger. These volatile energies might bring us a better understanding of our social standing in the coming months.

Cancer Full Moon: 29th December

December 2020 will come to an end with the Full Moon in Cancer. Expect emotions to ride high in tune with Cancer’s energies. We are turning over a new leaf, so set your intentions right under this calming Full Moon.

2020 has thrown many obstacles our way, and we have survived them all. December 2020 is surely bringing a lot of chaotic energy our way. But if you can persevere through this, growth and new opportunities await on the other side!

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