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December Horoscope: How Will The Zodiac Signs Do In The Last Month Of The Year?

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by Conscious Reminder

As we enter the endgame of the year, December brings us some rare and potent events that are bound to shake us up.

Be it the rare Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter or Jupiter moving into an air sign after almost 200 years, this month sure has a lot to offer. Let’s see what’s the monthly horoscope for the zodiac signs:


The month begins on an exciting note as the relationship area will be highlighted for you. New work opportunities can come your way soon but don’t be shy to take them up. Holidays will be great fun, so don’t hold yourself back this December!


The Solar Eclipse is bringing you financial security in the middle of the month. This energy can be used to apply for a better job that is more fulfilling and pays better too! Keep looking forward, and you’ll be surprised with the blessings coming your way!


With the Solar Eclipse this December, a new and happy chapter can begin, only if you are willing. A friendship can turn into a romance, or you can get new professional contacts. Towards the end of the month, you might just receive some financial boost from some refund or bonus. The Full Moon will take away all the burdens on your mind too!


December is bringing some adventurous energies your way, Cancerians! Make enthralling plans for the holidays, apply for that job you have been dreaming about, or just go out, safely, and enjoy the wilderness. While this energy gives you a confidence boost, be more cautious towards the end of the month. Steer clear from big commitments before the next month.


Luxuries and surprise engagements are the theme of the month for you! If you are thinking about committing to a romantic relationship, doing so after the 19th will not only benefit your personal life but also your professional life. Let the Full Moon at the end of the month help you restructure your routine for a healthier lifestyle.


Your focus is finally shifting from work to home. As you prepare to entertain your group of guests, expect a new family or at least house member to join you. As you focus on family and home, you should also look for ways to improve your health towards the end of the month.


Start the month with some self-pampering with the cash boost you are about to receive. New skills seem lucrative to you, so get out and find a mentor! Also, on the relationship front, expect some exciting news in the second half of the month.


December starts with some favorable negotiations for Scorpions. This is a great month to take your finances to the next level. Go ask for your well-deserved bonus, or maybe you’ll get good returns from an investment. Either way, you would want to spend this money with your family, and that’s the spirit of the Holiday Season!


Your unique ideas will be greatly appreciated starting this December. Go grab that deal now! On the personal front, the energies that be will prompt you to completely change your lifestyle. Also, don’t forget to reconnect with past colleagues or long-lost friends. They might bring some good news around Christmas.


You attract positive attention to your professional life in the first half of December. But post the Solar Eclipse, your focus will be on the home. Expect some financial troubles, but all should be good if you stick to a budget.


Try not to worry about a friend’s good fortune, great things are headed your way as well. The month starts with humanitarian efforts. In the middle of the month, you will get new opportunities to expand your horizons. The Full Moon at the end will bring you relief from a stressful job.


Expect some uncertain situations on your work front. Try to keep your head up and go with the flow. From the middle of the month, you will want to find solace in spirituality. Don’t let what others think stop you from doing what you want.

December 2020 is bringing positive energies for us all. If we can persevere and work hard, the year will end on a very happy note for everyone!

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