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Esoteric Healing: Free Oneself From Energy Parasites

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes we don’t feel like ourselves.

We act in a destructive or self-destructive manner, we hurt those we love or lose patience with those we do not love, and we become ill… All because of exhausting anxiety and emotional instability… Everything is amplified and out of control…

That’s how it is. We are not always ourselves. Literally. We appear to be prey to forces greater than ourselves. So let’s find out what it is and how to get rid of it right away!

When the light is at its brightest, it casts a very dark shadow. The forces of darkness are unleashed when the forces of light take control. A very thin breath separates us from both the most heavenly and the most inferior realms. We must understand both the Dark and the Light. We can’t understand the other, find it, or attend it if we don’t understand the first.

Heavy energies are mentioned in Andean shamanism. There are energies that are subtle, light, pleasant, and beneficial. There are also heavy energies that are difficult to hold and intoxicants. Nature is made up of opposing forces that coexist…

Human senses have never been more open and frenetic, with 360-degree spiritual communications. Everything, including all forms of energy, is available to us. Energy moves through resonance and affinity. Every living thing contains both light and shadow. On a cosmic level, the battle between Good and Evil takes place within each of us. We all actively participate, whether we realize it or not.

How we attract the dark forces?

Because of kinship. Creating dark energies. You don’t have to be Hannibal Lecter (though it certainly helps), you just have to be very sensitive at times. Emotional falls are dangerous in general (except in extremely rare cases where the energies are so high and bright that they are inaccessible to attacks of any kind). It is interesting to note that the media bombards us with carefully selected and prepared news that is appalling, gruesome, and terrifying. Stuart Wilde advised a decade ago, when the situation was not so dire, to protect himself as much as possible, such as by first throwing away the television.

We generate the energies that make up and surround us. Dark energies, etheric dirt, are created by horror and fear. As well as rage, contempt, sadness, and a slew of other poetic nonsense. Spirits and parasites of all kinds exist. They live off of this type of energy. They will inevitably be drawn to it. And once attracted, they never leave.

Every form of life craves consistency. They, too, enjoy constructing their dwelling. To accomplish this, they require constant energy supplies where they are, in the person who hosts them. The parasitic spirits are disturbing not because they take away energy (in fact, they sometimes provide it if it suits them), but because they take away freedom, specifically the freedom and lucidity to live well. They feed the fear of the future and sow the seeds of addiction… The dark energies must grow in number.

As you might expect, many of us are subjected to spiritual interference without even realizing it. And, as previously stated, they contribute to the nurturing and cultivation of the world’s spiritual filth. It’s not that you don’t have a life. Everything is possible if others can bear us. But everything is becoming more exhausting. It is unbalanced, at the mercy of emotions, and increasingly out of sync with reality.

Negative spirits fan the flames of our small or large tribulations, causing us to make poor decisions. They do it for their own survival, but their interests are diametrically opposed to ours. Our essence, our soul, is light. We are content when we are light and transparent rather than dense and heavy, when we understand the beauty of what brings life, love, smiles, and poetry.

How to understand when we and/or others are disturbed by unwanted guests?

Characteristics and behaviors are easily defined based on what has been said thus far. I should add that not all possessed people are manipulative and aggressive. There are good people who keep their tribulations to themselves and are only negative to those who choose to be intimate with them and become victims.

On the contrary, a mother who harms her children does not know what she is doing, but if she had a stronger soul and a better personality, she might be able to resist the negative influences that move her.

Of course, it’s always a trench fight. It is when these negative spirits are weak that one can come to terms with them and make them move: the more they take hold of their territory, the more they are oppressed and one can only feed them with intoxicating habits or perverse actions. (“Perverse” = “contrary to the line of happiness”).

Our life is never really beyond our control. Our life is not outside our control even when its flow is conditioned by heavy currents.

How do you clean up? How do you take full control of yourself and your destiny?

Treatment is less complicated than diagnosis. You cannot be certain of being free of interference, but there are infallible “do it yourself” methods for prevention and cure.

I do not recommend being a wizard or even going to a magician: rites of banishment, even if performed by sincere and educated people, leave the time they find. They are a form of entertainment provided by these spirits.

The fact that these destructive forces are stupid is their secret. As a result, dealing with them is relatively simple. Simply making the territory inhospitable will cause the entities and spirits to flee. If they can’t find any food there, they go elsewhere.

The idea is straightforward: if we have parasites, it is because we keep them. Everyone has their own way. Unhealthy physical habits such as smoking, drinking, and drug use… Unhealthy emotional and mental habits: future anxiety, rage, egoism…  Even communication with spiritual spheres makes them vulnerable because the spirits will try to mock our greed for knowledge and/or power, divert us, and make us unstable, anxious, and dependent.

As with any disease, removing the symptoms is not necessary; however, removing the causes is critical: radical soil remediation. Changing our attitudes, our perceptions of the world and of ourselves.

It is not easy, and willpower and clarity are required.  Because the will and lucidity are compromised in this case, a greater quantity is required than in any other test of life. We must, as is often the case, produce and bring out resources that are in short supply.  This is the purpose of obscurity: to produce Light. And we appreciate it. We are up to any challenge we have set for ourselves.

Any dysfunction is a result of a lack of love and light.  The only way to prevent and cure is to allow love and light to enter and leave our bodies. Being both a consumer and a producer. Be as bright as possible every day. The darkness cannot suffocate the light. It is the fire that dissipates the darkness, not the darkness that darkens the flame of a candle.

Light is always served by darkness. And it is guided by the will. Fire, by coincidence, is associated with the heart and love in many esoteric and medical traditions. The heat is what creates life. The flames of hell are cold, said Stuart Wilde, who had the difficult task of exploring them in astral travels and visions in order to speak with authority.

Love can be cultivated in an infinite number of ways. In social commitment, as in mysticism, in romantic love for a partner, as in love for children or animals, or for art, or for nature…  Everyone has their own preferences and will nourish themselves according to their own nature. It would be better for his health and balance if he practiced differently.

The most powerful and regenerating light, however, appears to be that produced by the invocation of the Spiritual Source that we feel as the highest if we love it with all our heart.

Prayer, of any kind, has a lining and enthralling effect. It transforms everything into Light.  We raise ourselves to the highest good, from a foundation of humility and good will, along a path of peace. Any obscurity can thus be transcended: removed or even transformed.

We are as delicate and fragile as a garden in a storm. Every day is like this for everyone. We are entitled to be treated with the utmost love and respect. We value beautiful things and emphasize the most sensitive aspects.

We are vulnerable, but we also recognize our strength, and we know how to manage our emotions and behaviors in the most kind and constructive way for ourselves and those around us.

The only way to defend against occult attacks by humans or spirits is to become increasingly unassailable and apathetic. Whoever is in touch with and in tune with his Soul and acts from there is fearless. As a result, it is unbeatable.

You can recite this simple prayer:

“In your benevolence, Lord, and in your love for man, free me from sickness and grant me the health that the body needs to serve the purposes of the Soul”.

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