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Prioritize Yourself By Learning How To Say No To Others

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by Conscious Reminder

Discernment is the quality to be able to comprehend and understand the obscure. It is an act based on perception.

It also defines the power of an average mind to see that which is shrouded. The definition emphasizes accuracy and the ability to perceive the truth.

At the same time, spiritual discernment can be defined as an ability to differentiate between the wrong and the truth.

This comes from deep wisdom. Hence, it is advisable to discern before answering someone. While giving a response, we must remember to speak our version of the truth.

If saying yes to ourselves means that we have to say no to others, we should go ahead and do it. By doing so, we are honoring ourselves and setting a good example for others to follow as well.

Saying No Takes Strength

Children have the gift of saying what they truly mean. When children say “yes,” it is a clear affirmation, while a “no” is a distinct negation.

Children most often speak the truth and are rarely seen lying. They are extremely aware of what and how they want to respond to others and make sure they always say ‘yes’ to themselves.

However, as we grow up and become adults, our truth gets complicated and silenced. This is because of the reason that the judgment of people around us scares us to be truthful. Although in such scenarios, we must remind ourselves not to suppress our true selves and keep speaking the truth.

Rumer Willis had remarked that in any situation in life, we must always try to maintain our most authentic self. We must never allow others to dictate the ways to lead our life.

Therefore, when we constantly say yes to others, we are unconsciously setting many boundaries for ourselves. This will emerge as a challenge for us later on. Although we can come out of this trap once we start saying how we feel and set ourselves free.

Some people fall into the trap of saying yes to others every single time. As a result, when they have to say no, they end up giving a justification. What they need to understand is that no explanation is required till it is asked for.

We are not answerable to others regarding our emotions, nor should we feel guilty for expressing our true feelings. Jules Renard once said that man could be truly free when they can refuse a dinner invitation without making any excuse.

Several times we struggle with overworking and fail to recognize the ‘energy drain’ simply for saying ‘yes’ each time. This eventually leads to losing our abilities and not realizing our full potential and talents.

Be True To Yourself & Achieve Freedom

Every time we apply discernment while making decisions, our lives gradually start to become more balanced. You can see things more clearly when you start saying no more often. By doing it, you attain more understanding and wisdom.

Sometimes our professional life does not allow us the time to discern properly. Then we must take time to respond to others. You can tell them that you need to check your schedule before committing or giving an answer.

Nonetheless, if there is a push to respond immediately, ‘no’ is the ideal answer. This also shows that the person does not respect your time. Never apologize unnecessarily and always respect others’ for their truthful answers.

Remember to take control of your life rather than over-stressing yourself to please others. Even when you are forced to say yes, you will not be able to make them or yourself happy.

Spend some time alone to recharge yourself and discover your authentic self. True energy comes from within. It is only you who is in control of the choices you make in life.

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