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Making Yourself Emotionally Unavailable Just To Protect Your Heart

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A woman who protects her heart with all her might and is wary of all is actually someone who has been mistreated a lot in life. She is kind, joyous and loving, but she keeps them hidden behind her armor.

Although she has erected impenetrable walls around her to protect herself, her heart yearns to be cared for, loved and to love in return. She wants someone to understand her and accept her for who she is.

Only the right man can treat her like she truly deserves. He will understand her needs and take care of her accordingly.

On the surface it would seem that she is arrogant and rude, having no emotions for anything. However it’s not true at all. She is very sensitive and cares a lot for everyone.

In reality, she yearns for intense feelings and warmth, and wants to be filled with love and spread it around her. It’s very important to be calm and have patience with her. Once she understands your sincerity she will open up her huge heart to you.

If you think about being casual with her, well, it won’t work out. She is not going to entertain fooling around with her. She is serious and brutally honest.

She has been hurt too many times and has hardened up. Don’t expect her to tolerate anyone’s stupidity. If she feels threatened, she will push you away quickly.

She is not unkind, but has her guards up, which means she has a hard time believing others. If you win her trust, she will be true to you.

Years of being betrayed has led her to be very keen and sharp. She observes everything minutely and therefore you can never catch her off guard.

She is very picky about her friends but she isn’t sorry for it. It’s only to protect herself.

It takes time for her to trust you, but once she understands that you’re here to stay, she’ll love you forever. Always show her how much she means to you and have faith in her.

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