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7 Signs From Your Higher Self You Can’t Afford To Ignore

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We all have intuitive powers that help to guide us through life. Many people share stories of how listening to certain gut feelings spared them and saved them from incredibly dangerous and not-so-fun situations. Sometimes the messages can be extremely subtle and tricky to discern. These can range from a teeny-tiny gut feeling to the innate knowing that something just doesn’t feel good.

Intuition is like a muscle, the more you work at developing it, the stronger it will become. This is an incredibly powerful tool in your spiritual toolbox to work with. Here are 7 Signs from Your Higher Self that you just can’t afford to ignore…

1. When you feel like something just isn’t right.

You know in your gut when something just doesn’t feel right. I remember after I was suffering miscarriage after miscarriage the doctors couldn’t find the physical reason I kept losing the babies. Everything was tested, and everything seemed fine and in good working order. However, on a deep level I felt like because I had worked so hard on the “spiritual reasons” my baby wasn’t manifesting there still had to be a “physical reason” why I could only stay pregnant for up to 10 or 11 weeks. It wasn’t until I moved states and found a more progressive doctor that she tested me for a gene mutation called MTHFR. Turned out that this was the reason I suffered recurring miscarriages. So I guess the moral of this story is to go with your gut, follow those hunches and keep seeking second and third opinions until your situation “feels right” again. Our intuitive guidance system is such a blessing, we must remember how to use those bullshit detectors to their full capacity.

A message from you higher self: BELIEVE BEYOND WHAT YOU CAN SEE

2. When a little voice whispers a message to you.

Sometimes we hear little voices that give us messages and snippets of wisdom that will help us out in our lives in some way.  To be clear, these are NOT the same types of voices that so-called “crazy” people might be listening to. I’m talking about an intuitive connection to your higher self that is often helping you in your times of need. These could be the voice of your spirit guides or guardian angels etc.

I remember one day when my husband Sean and I were picking up the kids from school. We were running late, so he told me to get out of the car at the stop light and he’d find somewhere to park. I heard a strong voice in my head say “NO” just as I was about to open the car door. As I paused, a school bus went speeding right by us. If I hadn’t of taken that pause and listened to the voice I would have been hit by that bus. I was extremely grateful that I listened, otherwise I wouldn’t be here to be telling that story.

A message from you higher self: LISTEN

3. When you see signs of alignment and choose to ignore them.

When you are on a spiritual journey and you’re living your life by cultivating conscious awareness, signs of alignment from the Universe are frequently presented to you. These signs can be messages from your higher self that you are on the right path. My husband Sean and I see rainbows as a sign of alignment. We saw one on the day we met, the day we got engaged and in various other times when we have launched new ventures within our company.

But when you hold and intention dear to your heart and you are then presented with signs that you choose to ignore, then energetic resistance begins to build up. Many of us tend to put our own needs last. We think that because we have children, or because we don’t have enough money or other various excuses that we are unable to follow our dreams. This kind of thinking, where we willfully reject the signs of alignment is flawed. You have the power to see and view the world around you as a mirror of your own consciousness. If you see that white rabbit, you need to follow it. It will help your soul to expand and grow in miraculous ways. It’s time to stop being fearful of living to your full potential.


4. When you have recurring dreams or experience recurring synchronicities.

Do you have the same tidal wave dream over and over again? Or do you see the same person showing up in different locations all over your city? When the energetic signature patterns of life are in our awareness there is usually a reason behind it. It’s a message… perhaps and instruction and sometimes a warning. Your job is to follow the clues and see if you can make sense of the reason the information is being presented to you on a regular basis.

A message from you higher self: SEEK THE MEANING

5. When your needs aren’t being met in a relationship.

When you don’t use your voice in a relationship then the Universe will pick up the pace of your spiritual lessons and speak for you. If you know in your heart that your relationship isn’t working and you stay without making an attempt to shine a light on the situation then you are dishonoring yourself at a very deep level. You are worthy of your needs being met. You are worthy to be loved and treated in a way that makes you feeling amazing. If you’re currently feeling this way, then see it as a sign that deep transformation needs to take place. Whether you stay or you leave, a decision needs to be made, before it’s made for you.

A message from you higher self: YOU ARE WORTHY

6. When you have thoughts that don’t make sense.

Have you ever had a thought about someone that didn’t make any sense and then a deep or dark secret was exposed and your intuition was verified? Sometimes when we follow these hunches about people we fall into the trap of judging unfairly. However, there is a really delicate balance to strike where if you have a certain thought about someone then there must be a vibrational match to their energy somehow. The key is to not allow fear to govern your instincts. For instance, you can’t constantly be checking your partners phone to see if they’re cheating on you because more that likely you will create that experience from your lack of trust. But when you have a random thought or a hunch about someone or something just allow it to be and don’t interfere. Send the thoughts love and allow them to play out as they are meant to.

A message from you higher self: SOMETIMES YOU CAN BE WRONG AND IT’S OKAY

7. When you ignore ongoing health issues and pretend they’ll go away.

You might have a pesky cough that doesn’t seem to go away, or a mole that keeps changing color, or a weird lump that you are trying to ignore. Whatever it is, you really can’t afford to ignore the health symptoms that are being presented to you. My mother-in-law is vigilant at getting a breast examination each year and it literally saved her life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage. Our bodies work just like anything else in our lives, if you ignore problems then they will get bigger until you do something about them.


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