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November 2022 Astrology Through Dates

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On Nov 16, 17, and 22 the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, all enter Sagittarius, giving the heavens a more upbeat vibe.

The Sagittarius new moon, which encourages us to live in the moment and take chances, is in the air. On Nov 23, after almost four months of walking backward, enormous Jupiter, the conventional astrological ruler of Sag, moves straight in Pisces, promising us good fortune and plenty in the days ahead.

The energies of November are good for manifesting wealth, ideal employment, and good boundaries with others. If you trust in your dreams, anything is possible.

Nov 4- Sun and Acrux Unite

Our Sun and Acrux, the brightest light in the famous Southern Cross, coincide on this date. The cross’s foundation, Acrux, is associated with prosperity, happiness, rewards, and glory. By concentrating on all the benefits around you, you may harness the energy of today!

Nov 8- Taurus Blood Moon Eclipse 

Eclipses with a blood moon symbolize endings and might close a gate in our life. This locked door could be challenging to open initially, but it can ultimately guide you to a better road. The Blood Moon Eclipse, which comes in the zodiac of Taurus, might bring up issues with money and romantic relationships.

Nov 8- The Mercury Cazimi

Mercury and the Sun will be in perfect alignment just before the Blood Moon Eclipse. Mercury Cazimi denotes a fresh cycle of consciousness, mental development, and greater awareness. We can become more clear-headed and start to perceive things from a fresh, sharper viewpoint as Mercury coincides with the Sun. Previously hazy or perplexing situations might become clearer.

Nov 9- Sun Is Opposite Uranus

The Sun will be in opposition to Uranus, the sign of revelation and surprises, one day after the powerful Blood Moon. Whatever further information emerges; we will likely learn that a decisive shift is required. We may have a little sense of instability or unease whenever Uranus’ energy is high.

Nov 11- 11/11

1111 is a potent angel number that denotes harmony and alignment. Labor to increase your frequency so that you will feel grounded in the Higher Self to harness the power of this day.

Nov 16- Venus joins Sagittarius

We might now be able to appreciate the love for what it is and for what we need it to do for us. Now that Venus has entered Sagittarius, the planet of adoration will be in a much lighter sign. Venus will support us in getting back to a feeling of joy and pleasure while she is in Sagittarius.

Nov 22- Sun enters Sagittarius

Our Sun enters Sagittarius, a fire sign, symbolized by the arrows of the hunter. Although every arrow will finally arrive where it should, Sagittarius Season can serve as a reminder that the voyage itself is what matters most. Even though we have desires and objectives, if achieving them makes us unhappy, it means it is time to change our strategy.

Nov 23- Sagittarius New Moon

After the ferocity of the very first portion of the month, the lovely, mild vibe of this New Moon will provide a pleasant change. This New Moon has an incredible atmosphere for manifesting, drawing in riches, and keeping a cheerful outlook.

Nov 23- Jupiter Direct

Jupiter’s tenure in Pisces is now complete for the next twelve years. 

When Jupiter was still in your zodiac, according to ancient astrologers, you had additional luck. So be certain to absorb the extra positive energies if your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign is Pisces!

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