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Archangels Vs. Angels: Differences & Meaning

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by Conscious Reminder

We have all heard about angels and archangels keeping an eye on our activities and our lives.

But what are the similarities and differences between archangels and angels? Let’s find out! Before diving into the differences. We must take a look at the similarities between angels and archangels. 

The first and foremost point of similarity is that both of them are angelic and otherworldly beings. Both these angelic creatures are helpful and generous towards humanity.

They serve mankind from higher realms and act as messengers of the Divine. They spread the message of love and truth among human beings. 

Both archangels and angels carry out different kinds of tasks that are dedicated to the good of humans as they try to support our welfare. They also try to enlarge our consciousness by tuning our inner power and help us gain immense wisdom that liberates us from all evil. 

However, archangels and angels belong from a different hierarchy that is very close to the angelic ranks. They both have acutely high consciousness and very advanced compassion. They are always trying to guide us towards higher spirituality and individuality throughout our lives. 


Angels are among the highest-ranked angelic creatures who reside in the superior hierarchy of heavenly realms. 

Angels are spirits of guidance, life, and support for all humans. As a result, each individual has a strong and intimate relationship with angels. This is possible because each angel is able to establish a connection with one human at a time.

Thus, the closest angel becomes their guardian angel who stays connected to them from birth till their death. Our guardian angel acts as our support and guide as well as provides assistance and protection across lifetimes. 

It is also believed that by rank and nature, angels can be our guardian angels, not archangels. Nevertheless, archangels can also act as our guardian angels at certain times. 

Essentially, angels are assigned as our guardian angels and they are completely committed to our well-being. They know us very well and actively work to encourage us towards fulfilling our needs and goals in life. 

We must find time to calm ourselves in order to tune into the message given to us by our guardian angels. Only by engaging with our superior consciousness can we truly connect with our guardian angels and listen to their message. 


Archangels are one level higher than angels and possess a higher and expanded level of consciousness. 

Furthermore, archangels have a fiery spirit who have a large group to manage and oversee humankind. They supervise designations, institutions, cities, towns, and nations. 

Archangels have a larger responsibility, in terms of group management rather than just one individual. Moreover, there are more personal connections with Archangel Uriel or Archangel Michael. 

Archangels are also known to act as an intermediary between humankind, the Divine, Infinite Light, and God.

They are the bridge that helps us give and take wisdom, inspiration, and truth. These help us in surviving and continuing our existence. They also help us in enlightening us that results in evolution and personal growth. 

Michael is the most widely known archangel who actively works for all humanity. He is known by various names in different cultures, ideologies, and religions.

He is dedicated to enlarging the consciousness of humans all over the world and encourages other archangels to do the same. He helps us progress in the path of spirituality and transform the human consciousness. 

The primary difference between archangels and angels is their consciousness and what they do for humanity. At the same time, they are fully dedicated to the betterment of humanity.

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