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6 Ways To Give Your Voice Power During Leo Season 2021

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun pays a visit to a different zodiac sign after about every thirty days.

At the time of this “season”, all of us feel the energy of the astrological sign that prevails, regardless of our Sun horoscope. 2021 Leo season lasts from 22nd July till 22nd August.

During this season of the Lion, we can begin to make our voices heard again. The mighty roar may attract fans, but drama can also be aroused. Here are six methods of magnifying the Lion energy of Leo which is magnanimous:

1. Tell Your Tale – And Let Others Tell Theirs

When the Sun resides in Leo, the whole world turns into a stage. So rehearse what you have to say – and make the script wisely! The reception, be it applause or booing, will be quite loud when you take the mic on the stage. But do not let that keep you from trying to make an impression that will be unforgettable. This season is perfect to make a show of the talents you have.

Many may try being more vulnerable while this season lasts. But be careful that you do not get carried away with personal drama. Remember that everyone is valuable to the team.

2. Put Your Mark On The Work

This is the time to do things your way! Leo inspires us to put our spin on everything we do. This is the time for pageantry, a type of coming-out in the cosmos. Experiment with the wardrobe, makeup, hair, or even unusual colors and accessories.

There is no need for going full debutante or diva. But do try to spice up your look. You can express yourself through style, so decide on what kind of statement you will be making,

3. Try To Keep Things Simple

Making a simple plan may prove to be very difficult during the 2021 Leo Season. To help with that, take a breath and keep in mind that your present situation is not your final one.

The world is not ending, nor is it the last chance you will have to give a speech that will win an award. Just do what is asked of you, and tell others to keep things simple. Of course, try not to increase the unrequired drama yourself.

4. Say No To Acting Your Age

A danger of the 2021 Leo Season is that we tend to take ourselves too seriously. Everything carries so much importance and meaning that simple conversations become soap operas. It becomes too much. So put in the conscious effort for lightening up.

Experiment with some DIY crafting, or do some “adult coloring”. Try doing some interpretive dance in the meeting in the morning to add some fun to things. Get physical and creative and try bringing some of the energy of the life force of Leo.

The childish demands of Leo season can be exhausting. But dismiss the entire idea that you have to act according to your age. This season is the time for doing things fun and edgy, that throws the boring everyday routine out of whack.

5. Know That Bravery Is Not Bullying

The regal and proud Sun rules Leo. So sometimes, during this season, we might just forget that we are not the center of the world. Egos may run amok. As a result, defending our “principles” may sound like bullying. Yes, stand up for your opinion, but do not silence anyone else’s.

6. Roar Lovingly

Get ready to avoid some prideful loudmouths during this season. Unfortunately, the most obnoxious people also happened to be powerful, charismatic, and well-dressed during this season. But do not let yourself be dazzled by their showiness, to the point that you abandon everything to join their circus.

For this season, try to challenge yourself to give as much thought to what you say about how you appear on stage. Perhaps, then, our roars will be righteous enough to make a change.   

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