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The Do’s And Don’ts To Making It Through The Virgo New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

September 6th is the day on which the new moon in September will occur.

It will take place in meticulous Virgo, which will inspire all of us to tie up our laces and seriously chase down our goals.

This is a great time to aim for new targets. Here is what you need to do and avoid to get your most powerful version.

Do: Vision Boards

Are you ready to chase down those goals? Then you will be needing a visual picture of what the endgame will look like. Get your craft box out, cut some magazine covers, and make some practical, visual goals. This will help in forming your visual boards. You can find your desired aesthetics by looking at Pinterest boards.

Don’t: Criticize Yourself Too Much

Love planet Venus is in Libra while making a favorable aspect with Jupiter, the planet of luck. Be gentle, forgiving, and patient with yourself. This is one of the best times to affirm your self-love and celebrate any successes.

Do: Tidy Up Your Space

Take this lunation as a chance to freshen up your sanctuary. If you have any clothes and other stuff that you do not use anymore, donate them. Clear the room so that new things can come in. Deep cleaning your space will foster serenity and clarity.

Don’t: Follow Your Old Routine

It’s time to introduce some changes to your tried and tested routine. Try something new or reshape old ones to keep the spark. For instance, if meditation is a part, then you can try doing it outdoors.

Do: Communicate Clearly

Communication planet Mercury rules Virgo. This means speaking clearly and with intention when you say something. That is to say, be crystal clear about what you are saying and meaning, to avoid miscommunications.

Don’t: Chase Perfection

Mars, driven by power, is in Virgo while creating a fortunate aspect with Pluto. You may find your confidence boosted as a result. However, chasing unrealistic standards will be a way of sabotaging yourself. Rather, write down standards that are attainable for you.

Do: Give Time To Inner Wok

Astrologically, new moons have everything to do with reflection and recharging. So use the time to explore and learn more about your shadow self, or, the side of you that is vulnerable. You can also work on areas such as communication and getting rid of bad habits (like procrastination). Try journaling and meditation.

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