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3 Must-Have Crystals For Every Empath

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths are much more sensitive to energies than the average human.

As soon as they walk in a room they can pick on the energies of the people in the room and know how each and one of them is feeling. This might sound like a cool superpower to the layman but is actually incredibly exhausting.

Imagine being able to listen and understand many people simultaneously, but then everybody is always talking and you can’t turn it off. Empaths can’t help picking on energies from their surroundings and this is physically and mentally tiring.

There are various stones that can help an empath harness the energy from their surroundings and handle the onslaught with relative ease. If used daily, these can help them and keep them from being overwhelmed. These 3 crystals are essential in every empath’s healing kit.

Clear Quartz 

Quartz crystals are available everywhere in the world. Still, as crystals, tumbled or natural, they are an extremely potent tool in the process of clearing people’s chakras, and also in healing, spiritual growth, and meditation, generally toning and balancing the electromagnetic field of the entire body.

By nature, these crystals stabilize and store electromagnetic energies very well that they are even used in radio communication and television, and also in computers that could not function without them at all.

Clear Quartz is a master stone and a master cleanser. It means that it cleans and restores the energy of other crystals. It works best with the Crown Chakra because it connects you with the Higher Realms.

Whenever you feel drained or without focus, this is the quartz to reach for.

It’s very important to program the clear quartz with the power of intention for the purpose you need it for, may it be healing or restoring or amplifying someone energetically.

A good practice is to clean your Crystal after using it, as it absorbs the surrounding energies. You can do it by placing it for a few minutes under running water and visualize the water running through it while taking away and grounding all the energies and vibrations it had picked along the way.

2. Labradorite 

Labradorite is always used in relation to the higher consciousness and the higher chakras. It carries a lot of spiritual wisdom, due to its mystical nature. Placing it on your third eye can help you grow spiritually. It will also boost your telepathic and healing gift and empathic abilities.

Labradorite works best with the higher chakras, especially the Throat chakra and the Third Eye. However, because it’s a powerful protection stone, it will balance your entire auric field and prevent any energy leakages.

If you are struggling to find your focus and your thoughts are scattered, you might have an overactive Third eye. Place a Labradorite piece on your forehead and it will help you balance and calm your restless mind.

It is one of the best protection stones against psychic attacks and negative energies. Power it up with good intentions and it will keep you safe.

3. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline has been often referred to as a magical supportive stone. It helps to purify you from within and cleanse your body from anxiety and negative self-worth.

Black Tourmaline brings your Chakras to a balance. It has immense grounding energy which settles on your Base Chakra and grounds you to the Earth’s center. The Root Chakra’s present on the base of our spine and helps in controlling the movements present in our base level.

If you are suffering from a lack of enthusiasm and need to stimulate yourself, then Black Tourmaline can be your ultimate stimulant.

It helps in balancing out the energy levels and thus, brings you down to the ground where you can feel more in connection with reality rather than fantasy.

Your stamina will be rekindled and you will form a sense of leadership in your mind. This spiritual energy will ground you and make you feel wholesome.

The grounding energy of Black Tourmaline is bringing the power of Light in your life. It wishes to draw as much power from light energy and keep you as radiant as possible. Hence, even in your darkest of times, you will find yourself as one with the Light and with the universal love present within you.

If you have a wand made out of Natural Tourmaline, then consider yourself lucky. They have a high electrical capacity which helps in clearing up your aura and brings you above physical laws. It helps the healing of your mind and body.

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