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Check These Things Before Choosing Someone To Be Your Spiritual Teacher

by Conscious Reminder

When we are looking for the spiritual light we need guidance on this journey. We turn to meditation, books and sometimes even to a real guide.

When you interact with a spiritual guru, their teachings and views will inspire and motivate you on your journey. If you’ve decided to seek guidance from someone who has attained enlightenment, then it’s important to focus on these 3 points.

1. Spiritual Background

It’s important to pay attention to where a spiritual guide emerges from, their background and history, where they have learnt from. By knowing about the great personalities who have influenced their thoughts and ideals you can find a lot about a particular mentor. They might also have religious backgrounds due to very traditional family lives.

You will find their religious knowledge being implemented in their own beliefs and teachings without the orthodox elements. What makes a guide a brilliant spiritual mentor is not only their vast knowledge about the preaching of different spiritual leaders but also a light within, unique to them, that separates them from commoners.

An enlightenment that’s solely their own, with ideals and viewpoints molded by teachings of others but deduced and concluded on their own. He brings forth the teachings of others to us in simplified language so that we can easily comprehend but also includes his own perception and beliefs to add that extra edge.

2. Do what they Preach

Not only should a spiritual guide be an excellent interpreter and communicator of various meaningful teachings but also he should be able to apply this guidance into his own life and actions in order to become the best mentor he can possibly be.

Nowadays it is a common occurrence to see spiritual mentors who appear to be very pious and perfect in front of their followers and the mass in general but have later been caught doing things unbecoming of a spiritual guide. We often forget as well that these people are humans and therefore prone to make errors and face doubts and dilemmas.

However the difference between a true guide and a fake one lies in the fact that a genuine mentor would accept and understand their mistakes and teach them to their students so that they can learn from it whereas the fake ones preach one thing and do something completely different in their lives. This makes us raise questions about their credibility.

Genuine mentors believe in the development and betterment of humanity and devote their lives to serving humanity in whatever truthful ways they can. If they manage to gain profit from their work then they immediately donate it to charitable organizations.

They are not armchair philosophers and so you will see them get involved in a lot of beneficial and helpful works to help humanity. In order to verify if your spiritual mentor is a truly honest guide than you must pay attention to his attitude and actions.

3. Their Work History

Once you have figured out how to judge a good spiritual mentor from bad dishonest ones, you can consider your work half done. Now you should focus on the results you can expect. You will have to be determined and dedicated for good results and so you have to see if the teachings of your mentor are actually helping you grow?

Talk to their old students and gather information from their experiences. Most mentors have websites and other information portals from where you can get your queries answered. This will help you gain perspective.

Although the journey to spiritual salvation is entirely yours, a good mentor helps you clear your doubts and questions for a fruitful endeavor. So make sure you choose the right one.

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