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July And Why 4 Is Such A Special Number

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by Conscious Reminder

The number 4 has a great connection between our mind, body, and spirit to the physical world.

The number represents our home’s security, stability, and the powers of beliefs and values. 4 is a powerful number with several mysteries.

The Magic Of 4

July will be a month that requires some additional energy that will help us accomplish the minimum tasks. Hence, it is time to exercise the virtues of Fortitude and Patience. You will be transitioning through dense and confusing energies, and this is where the energy of the number 4 will guide you to steadiness, where you can take refuge.

This will motivate you to have a sacred space in your house to strengthen your contact with the intimate and interior worlds.

4 cites the groundedness of everything that exists under the sun. There are 4 directions, 4 seasons, and 4 elements. You will be motivated to go back to your roots seeing the number 4, where you can center yourself and work in an organized manner to make your dreams a reality.

If you see this number often, it conveys the message that your guardian angels are trying to motivate you to build a connection with your roots and settle yourself down. It can also be a sign for you to start your family and complete the half-finished tasks. This is a good sign as the angels are offering you the strength you require to go on with your journey.

Number Four in Soul Numerology

The soul number resembles your karmic lesson, in this lifetime. If you are a number 4, then you have understood the values of work and of conquest by your own strengths.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Number 4

The number 4 symbolizes the assistance lent by the guardian angels, in terms of spirituality.

It brings forward the vibration of work and being precise while lacking in creativity. Nevertheless, it depicts the work and the accomplishments. The place where you have found this vibration indicates a period where you might lack what you require or a time period of intense work but fewer results. Unfortunately, one cannot do much to smoothen this vibration.

This number symbolizes commitment with a direct formation with right angles, while in numerology it represents what is concrete, direct, and right.

Individuals who are ruled by this number are usually more committed, responsible, and stable in their tasks. They are usually traditional, obedient, and punctual and do not like to mince words or commit to an ambiguous character.

Some might think that people ruled by 4 have less to no creativity, but they tend to be more realistic and are not involved with blatant imagination. They are always committed to their goals and future plans.

The number carries several meanings and represents different symbols in its straight angles, as this is the number that performs.

When we look at numerology, 4 is synonymous with commitments, logic, and rationality. 

The number is also represented by the square, which displays the rational end of our psyche.

The Symbols for the Number 4

The number is symbolized by a square, crossed in the center to separate it into 4 equal parts, and is a sign of light manifestation.

This mysterious number inspires you to work, construct and do something practical with the stability of an earth element number. This is where you can trust to build your empire.

Images assigned to the number 4

Several materialistic symbols are attached to this number, besides the square, which is the seasons.

In terms of spirituality, 4 represents the 4 letters of the name of God, the four archangels of heaven: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. In the terrestrial scope, it represents the four divisions of life: animal, vegetal, metal, and stone.

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